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Happy 4th of July. We wanted to share some great website on America’s Independence Day. We hope you enjoy!

Update June 22, 2021

  1. National Park Service @NatlParkService (637K followers) 423 Locations
  2. National Museum of American History @amhistorymuseum (272K followers) Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.
  3. visitMA @VisitMA (74.4K followers) Massachusetts, USA
  4. Mount Vernon @MountVernon (45.4K followers) Mount Vernon, Virginia
  5. ColonialWilliamsburg @colonialwmsburg (35.4K followers) Williamsburg, Virginia
  6. Monticello @TJMonticello (29.4K followers) Charlottesville, VA
  7. Museum of the American Revolution @AmRevMuseum (16.1K followers) Philadelphia, PA
  8. NPS Education @NPSEducation (16K followers) National Park Service
  9. Faneuil Hall Marketplace @FaneuilHall (12K followers) Boston, Massachusetts
  10. JYF Museums @jyfmuseums (11.5K followers) Virginia, USA
  11. The Freedom Trail @TheFreedomTrail (9K followers)
  12. IndependenceNPS @INDEPENDENCENHP (9K followers)
  13. A Capitol Fourth @July4thPBS (5.3K followers) Washington, DC
  14. Boston Pops @TheBostonPops (8.2K followers) Boston, MA.
  15. Paul Revere House @PaulRevereHouse
  16. BosAfroAmericanNHS @BOAFNPS (5.3K followers) Boston, MA.
  17. @RevWarTalk (4.3K followers)
  18. OldSturbridgeVillage @oldsturbridge Sturbridge, Massachusetts (4.3K followers)
  19. Boston Tea Ship @bostonteaship (3.7K followers) Boston, MA.
  20. Old North @OldNorth1723 (3.5K followers) Boston, MA.
  21. Breed’s Hill Inst. @RevolutionDaily (3.1K followers) Orange CA
  22. Paul Revere @PaulRevere1734 (3.1K followers)
  23. Lexington Historical Society @LexHistSoc (2.9K followers) Lexington, MA
  24. Paoli Battlefield @PaoliBattle (2.1K followers) Malvern, PA
  25. Revolution250 @REV250BOS (2.1K followers) Massachusetts
  26. Journal of the American Revolution @JourAmerRevo (2.1K followers)
  27. AmRevPodcast @AmRevPodcast (1.5K followers)
  28. RevolutionaryPA @RevolutionaryPA (1.4K followers)
  29. Founder Of The Day @founderoftheday (1.2K followers) Syracuse, NY
  30. Revolutionary Spaces @RevSpaces (1.2K followers)
  31. America250 @America250 (.8K followers)
  32. NY Rev. War Arch. @NYAmerRev (.8K followers)
  33. The Wayside Inn@The_Wayside_InnCrossroads of the American Revolution NHA @revolutionarynj (.6K followers) New Jersey
  34. WalkBostonHistory @WalkBostonHist (.6K followers) Massachusetts,
  35. MinuteManNPS @MinuteManNPS (.6K followers) Massachusetts, USA
  36. America250PA @America250_PA (.5K followers) Philadelphia, PA
  37. Independence Historical Trust @IHTrust (.5K followers)
  38. 250 Years Ago Today @250_ago (.3K followers)
  39. Revolutionary NYC @NYC250th