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To help teachers new to twitter, we have compiled a list of top Massachusetts twitter accounts for Massachusetts teachers. Since the first several accounts are 100% perfect according to tweetgrader, we have listed them in reverse alphabetical order. We will be adding additional accounts in the future as we come across them.
We also have included other useful accounts that do not have 100% scores. We have included the tweetgrade score at the end of the account.
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  1. @WorldLillie – Boston teacher & #travel blogger: http://AroundTheWorldL.com & http://TeachingTraveling.com. #EdBlogs founder: http://www.facebook.com/groups/EducationBloggers Boston (and the world) · http://www.AroundTheWorldL.com/about/
  2. @thomasdaccord – Director of EdTechTeacher. Former HS teacher. My mission is to help teachers use technology to create active, student-centered learning communities. Boston · http://www.edtechteacher.org
  3. @theTeacherPage – Quality Resources for Teachers! Comments and Suggestions Welcome! @robertwhughes Halifax, MA · http://TheTeacherPage.com
  4. @PatrickMLarkin – Artist formerly known as @bhsprincipal – BPS Asst. Supt. NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Evangelist for Web 2.0 and Digital Tools. Burlington, MA · http://www.patrickmlarkin.com/
  5. @NormandinBill – Proud father of 2 wonderful children, husband to an amazing educator, proud Principal of Normandin Middle School in New Bedford, MA http://normandinprincipal.blogspot.com
  6. @mytowntutors – Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. http://www.mytowntutors.com/blog/ Boston, Massachusetts and USA · http://www.mytowntutors.com
  7. @museumofscience – Follow us for updates and special offers on exhibits and shows, fun science facts, and breaking news. Find us on Instagram at @MuseumOfScience Boston, MA · http://mos.org
  8. @massteacher – The Massachusetts Teachers Association Boston, Mass. ·http://massteacher.org
    Massachusetts Teachers Association – THANK YOU
  9. @kathyschrock – Educational Technologist, DEN Star & Guru, Adobe Ed Leader, Google Certified Teacher (kathy@kathyschrock.net) Twitter RSS feed: http://linkyy.com/twitterfeed Cape Cod, MA · http://kathyschrock.net
  10. @KarenJan Passionate about helping struggling learners through the use of technology. north of Boston · http://www.teachingeverystudent.blogspot.com
  11. @JFKLibrary – Dedicated to the memory of our nation’s 35th president and to all those who through the art of politics seek a new and better world. Columbia Point, Boston MA · http://www.jfklibrary.org (Tweetgrader 100 / 100)
  12. @hgse – The official Twitter feed of the Harvard Graduate School of Education Appian Way, Cambridge, Mass · http://www.gse.harvard.edu( Tweetgrader 100 / 100)
  13. @gregkuloweic – History Teacher (8 years) & Tech Integration Specialist (1 year). #sschat co-creator, EdTechTeacher Senior Associate (www.edtechteacher.org) ~ Plymouth, MA · http://www.kulowiectech.blogspot.com
  14. @facinghistory – Facing History and Ourselves combats racism and antisemitism by using history to teach tolerance in classrooms around the globe. All over · http://www.facinghistory.org
  15. @ESPNBostonHS http://espn.go.com/boston/teams/prepTweetGrader 100 / 100
  16. @Edudemic – A dedicated community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning. Cambridge, MA · http://edudemic.com
  17. @dancallahan – Instructional Technology Specialist K-5 @PineGlenLTC by day, #edcamp Foundation Chairman of the Board of Directors and Co-founder by night. Burlington, MA · http://remixteaching.com
  18. @BPLBoston Built by the people and dedicated to the advancement of learning. Copley Square in Boston, MA. bpl.org
  19. @bjfr@Facinghistory online guy, Fellow at Berkman Center, Founder http://EdTechTeacher.org Blogger for Ed Week. Bio at http://EdTechResearcher.org Arlington, MA · http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/edtechresearcher
  20. @andycinek – Be kind. Share. And remember that what we do is not about us, but for the students we teach Boston, MA · http://andrewmarcinek.com
    Honorable Mentions
  21. @SimplySuzy “Grade 3 Teacher, Educatalyst, Lafora Disease Assailant, Tech Enthusiast,FableVision Ambassador, DENStar LC Educator, Shutterbug, MassCUE Pathfinder, Girl Scout Cape Cod Canal · http://about.me/simplysuzy(97.1/100 twitter grader)
  22. @AngelaCristiani “Political Director~Boston Teachers Union…School Psychologist…Ballet, The Arts, & all that is NPT. RTs are not endorsements~Views expressed are my own~Massachusetts · http://angelajcristiani.wordpress.com/(97.1/100 twitter grader)
  23. @FableVision “Transmedia designed to change the world/Partnering w kindred spirits. Studio: @fvstudioboston K12 resources: @fablelearn Tweets by Paul Reynolds, Co-Founder ~ Boston · http://www.fablevision.com(97.1 Twitter Grader)
  24. @mytowntutorsma We help #Massachusetts#parents connect with local #teachers who #tutor.Teachers are great tutors! Founded by a teacher for teachers! Massachusetts · http://www.mytowntutors.com (97/100 Twitter Grader)
  25. @EdTechTeacher21: “EdTechTeacher helps teachers, schools, and school leaders develop 21st century learning environments.” ~ Chestnut Hill, MA · http://edtechteacher.org(97/100 Twitter Grader)
  26. @BeverlyPanthers – James Coffey – Athletic Director at Beverly High School, Home of the Panthers. Proud Member of the Northeastern Conference. #YearofthePanther Beverly Massachusetts · http://bhsonline.org (96.3/100 Twitter Grader)
  27. @MrMusselman “Former middle school earth/space sci teacher. Current science specialist for Burlington MA Public Schools. Bringing science to life for K-8 students. Burlington, MA – USA · http://www.musselmanscience.com(96.3/100 twitter grader)
  28. @ncarroll24 “A wife, mom of 2 teens, daughter, sister, friend, colleague and elementary school teacher (4th Grade). Looking to learn about and share resources for school. Massachusetts · http://teachingiselementary.blogspot.com(96.3/100 twitter grader)
  29. @mr_avery – A 6th grade teacher with a passion for using technology in the classroom. Co-moderator of #6thchat. Follow our class blog at http://mravery.edublogs.org . ÜT: 41.946985,-70.751553 · http://mravery.edublogs.org (96.3 Twitter Grader)
  30. @dgburris – Father, husband, and teacher in Boston who finds those three things make a full life. N 42°20′ 0” / W 71°4′ 0” · coreessentials.wordpress.com(95.7/100 twitter grader)
  31. @dunneteach – K-12 Social Studies Director, Arlington Public Schools, and Teaching American History Grant Program Director. Arlington Public Schools, Mass. (95/100 Twitter Grader)
  32. @brholland – Educator, innovator, sailing coach, constantly looking for the next best thing. Senior Associate at EdTechTeacher. RI · http://brholland.wordpress.com (94/100 Twitter Grader)
  33. @edcampBoston “April 28, 2012 @ Microsoft NERD in Cambridge, MA Boston, MA · http://edcampboston.org/(90/100 twitter grader)
  34. @LearnLaunch – LearnLaunch aims to increase learning by providing support for the creation and growth of education technology and learning companies in New England. Boston, MA · learnlaunch.org (90/100 Twitter Grader)
  35. @PFToner “Middle School Social Studies Teacher, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Cambridge, Massachusetts · http://www.massteacher.org (90/100 twitter grader)
  36. @MASCD – Promoting quality teaching and learning in Massachusetts by fostering instructional and curriculum leadership. Massachusetts · http://www.mascd.org (90/100 Twitter Grader)
  37. @masscue – Massachusetts Computer Using Educators – Connecting Educators for the Commonwealth! http://www.masscue.org (90/100 Twitter Grader)
  38. @MassBioEd – Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MassBioEd) is a non-profit charitable organization committed to supporting STEM through roots in biotech. Cambridge, MA · http://www.massbioed.org (89/100 Twitter Grader)
  39. ColumWhyte “grades 4-6 AWC Social Studies Teacher in Dorchester, MA Committee Chair Boston Teachers Union Speakers Series email: columwhyte@yahoo.com Boston” (84/100 Twitter Grader)
  40. @MichaelJMaguire “high school teacher, union supporter, disney enthusiast Boston” (80/100 Twitter Grader)
  41. @rstutmanBTU “President, Boston Teachers Union BPS Math teacher VP of Mass AFL-CIO, AFT-Mass Proud to represent 7000 active, 3000 retired BPS educators Boston · http://btu.org (75/100 Twitter Grader)

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