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The current direction of software technology in this day and age is heading towards doing things on the cloud and providing solutions as a service. This means that building a career in the cloud is a wise move to make.

For most people, choosing a career in Salesforce is a great move to make in order to have a great career in the technology sector. To begin with, you could learn how to use Salesforce as well as many of the other relevant support applications and services that are useful to businesses and organizations using Salesforce.

For example, you could get to learn, use and provide solutions such as release management services, specifically tailored towards users. A good example of such a native solution is that provided by

Below are some of useful considerations when it comes to choosing a career in Salesforce.

1. Education required

It goes without saying that having a good education in a reputable learning institution goes a long way in building a strong career. This is not any different when it comes to building a career with

In as much as Salesforce is still relatively new, there are some good and reputable learning institutions both online and offline that can help you get up to speed with what you need to know in order to transition and excel in a Salesforce career.

The first place to start is to take a certified Admin course in Salesforce in order to learn the basics. After you become proficient with the basics, you will be better able to know what to specialize in, including implementation, development and architect roles.

It is also possible to get training through organizations that utilize Salesforce in one way or the other once you have gone through basic certified Salesforce training. Such organizations can provide you good training in Salesforce while on the job.

If you truly want to go far in your career in Salesforce, it will be important to augment your basic education in Salesforce with further certifications that may be relevant in the corporate world such as certifications in sales, accounting, and finance.

2. Work Experience

As with most careers, finding a job usually requires that you have experience on the job. This can be a problem when starting a new career, but you can easily overcome this problem by taking internship positions and offering your services for free or close to free in order to get the necessary experience in the Salesforce world.

3. Networking and canvassing for a job

Once you have the education and some experience all that is left is to look for a job. Some reputable learning institutions will help you get a job as part of their curriculum deliverables, but if this is not possible, you will need to do your own networking.

You could do so by finding local Salesforce groups and attend meetings in order to meet experts who can help you chart your way or give you an opportunity to have a great career.

Author Bio: Adam E. Bass has been a systems administrator for the last 12 years. He has lots of experience using salesforce and has written several articles for Visit his website for more information.