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We have some great blogs for teachers

We have connected with some great educators for our “Educator of the Week” interviews! We also are identifying the top 500 twitter accounts for teachers (top 10 twitter accounts in each state).
One of our greatest resources for parents and teachers is our guest blogs. Our guest blogs allows us to share the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise of parents, teachers, and others individuals.
These are the most viewed guest blogs for December 1, 2013 – November 15, 2015.

  1. 2 Great Demonstrations for Teaching Digestion by @TeachWithFergy
  2. Should You Be Using Exit Slips in the Classroom? by Paula L. Naugle (@plnaugle)
  3. Teachers: How to Be Awesome like Beyonce by Rafranz Davis (@RafranzDavis)
  4. Student Engagement: 5 Tips for Making Education Fun by Denise Fawcett Facey (@Edufacey)
  5. Top 10 Social Media Tips for High School Athletesby @HSSocialMedia
  6. All Kids Can SUCCEED: Be the “1″ by @BurkheadBill
  7. Middle School Teachers: Join Twitter and #MSchat by @blocht574
  8. Blog Like the Big Dogs! 7 Tips for Rookie Bloggers! by Bobbi Capwell (@BobbiC07)
  9. Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap by @MCUSDSupe
  10. Flipping the Classroom to Break Through into Today´s Society by @MayraAixaVillar
  11. What’s An Education Thought Leader? by Tom Whitby (@Tomwhitby)
  12. Aspiring Teacher is “Overwhelmed” By Teachers on Twitter by Maggie Moran (@maggie_moran10)
  13. Wonderopolis: A Great Resource for Teachers & Parents by @Wonderopolis
  14. Resources to Help Struggling Students by @HOLscience
  15. 75 Quick Tips for Motivating Students by Julia G.Thompson ‏(@TeacherAdvice)
  16. Teachers: Top 10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing by Genein Letford (@GeneinLetford)
  17. How To Engage Students? 6 Proven Ways to Engage Students by Jeromie Heath (@TeachHeath)
  18. 37 Classroom Tips From a Teacher Turning 37 by (@oflazmerve)
  19. Flipping the Classroom to Break Through into Today´s Society by @MayraAixaVillar
  20. Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip? by @CO_MtnMom