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The top 15 blogs, including #1, will be announced on August 15th.
Finalists, we encourage you to share your post with as many people, as many ways as you can. A reader vote is a first for us, but since the posts were released on different dates, we thought this might be a fair way to determine our #1 guest blog for 2012 – 2013.
Whoever wins, we feel so fortunate to have these great authors share their knowledge with us. Readers, if you like a particular post, you also can share with others. No phone calls or texts, but our website will be open 24/7 until July 31st. So please, vote early and often.
Here are the candidates for the #1 spot, listed alphabetically by title.
5 Tips for Looking Great with Skype or Videoconferencing by @1080Group
4th Grade Teachers Connect via Twitter by @ncarroll24
A Day To Make A Difference: Celebrate Literacy With Everyone by @shannonmmiller
Advocate for Teens, But Don’t Serve Up Excuses by @Teen_Whisperer
All Kids Can SUCCEED: Be the “1″ by @NormandinBill
A Mom’s Guide to College and Career Readiness by @edworkspartners
Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap by @principalpc
Can you Child Read Too Much? by @Booksforchildrn
Eye Health Problems Kids Face After Excessive iPad Use by @getlenses
Flipping the Classroom to Break Through into Today´s Society by @MayraAixaVillar
How Reading Affects Your Child’s Success by @Booksforchildrn
Make Your Classroom a Happy Place for Children with Dyslexia by @Spelltrekking
Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip? by @CO_MtnMom

Should You Be Using Exit Slips in Your Classroom? by @plnaugle
Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts by @pragmaticmom
Below is 50 – 16.
50. 6 Ways to Encourage Parent Communication in Your Classroom by @VolunteerSpot
49. Digital Parenting: The Digital Parent in You by @feedtheteacher
48. Resources to Help Struggling Students by @HOLscience
47. Hip Hop Math Music? by @DapJMusic
46. How Online Teaching Works
45. The Who, What, Where, When, & Why for Teachers Using Twitter
44. The Role of Parents in Academic Achievement by @RaisingAReaderM
43. Five Fun Resources for Educating Children at Any Age by @Rasmussen
42. High-Tech Assistive Technology is it for Everyone?
41. Civil War Research by @RobFinkill
40. Improv(e) your teaching by @TheEngagingEd
39. A Tutor can Make the World of a Difference to a Child by @TaleofABaseball
38. Ten Things Your Student with Autism wishes You Knew by @EllenNotbohm
37. Middle School Teachers: Join Twitter and #MSchat by @blocht574
36. There is More to Maine! by @mainedaytrip
35. Self-Reliance and Independence: Giving Our Teens the Ultimate Gift by @DebraBeck
34. Summer Tutoring Beneficial of Harmful by @plusplustutor
33. Dyslexia-ville Builds Self-esteem: Looking to Spread the Word to Parents & Teachers by @Dyslexiaville
32. Taking the Crazy out of School Supply Lists and Teacher Wish Lists by @TeacherLists
31. Firefox Add-ons for Teachers by @MyWeb4Ed
30. Patrick Larkin’s Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Teachers by @patrickmlarkin
29. Jenmarc Has Great Education Programs for Massachusetts Teachers by @GaryLGilardi
28. It’s Always About Learning by @JeffWahl1
27. The MTA Summer Conference is AWESOME for New Massachusetts Teachers by @massteacher
26. Angelina’s Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Boston Teachers by @AngelaCristiani
25. Top 10 Things A Student Should Never Say to a Teacher
24. Wonderopolis: A Great Resource for Teachers & Parents by @Wonderopolis
23. The State of K-12 Education by @ClassConnectInc
22. @SimplySuzy’s Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Teachers by @SimplySuzy
21. Children’s Bedrooms – Top 7 Must Have Items for a Child’s Bedroom by @ChildrensRooms
20. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Oraibh! – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! by @TLILanguages
19. Strategies for Struggling Readers by @curriculumcornr
18. The Benefits of Raising Chickens for Your Family by @familyfocusblog
17. 4 Reasons Both Teachers and Kids Need Recess
16. Scholarships for College Students by @AidScholarship