As a teacher, it is your job to find creative ways to connect with your students. By learning how to relate to them, you can adjust your teaching methods to make a bigger impact. Many teachers have now started using Twitter as a way to get involved outside of the classroom. This could be a perfect opportunity for you. Here are 10 Twitter tips for teachers to help you socialize with your students.

  1. Make your posts interesting. Don’t just make posts about facts from your lectures. Look for legitimately fun games online that relate to your subject, or post funny quotes that show your lighthearted side.
  2. Let your students follow you. If you try to follow your students instead, they might feel obligated to follow you back. Just let them come to you so they aren’t put in an awkward position.
  3. Tweet secret test tips. This could be a hint about something your students should study, or it could even be answers to a bonus question. By offering freebies like this, you will encourage your students to interact with you online.
  4. Remind students about important dates. Tweet a friendly reminder about an upcoming test or due date so students can get everything finished on time.
  5. Use hash tags. If you want to talk about #economics, #forensicscience, #accounting, or something else along those lines, use a hash tag. This connects you with other people discussing the same subject at the time.
  6. Include your Twitter account on your syllabus. This will give your students a secondary place to contact you, should they need to reach you after office hours.
  7. Sync Twitter to your phone. Take your Tweeting mobile so you can write posts on the fly. This will keep you in on the action, just like your students are.
  8. Keep your personal account separate. You might want to be @katrinawalton and @katrinawaltonMSU, or something along those lines. Mixing your students with your friends and family is bound to lead to disaster.
  9. Tweet fairly frequently. You don’t have to be on there every single day, but try to get at least a couple Tweets up a week.
  10. Have fun! This is a social network after all. Might as well use it for all it’s worth.

Follow these ten tips after creating your Twitter account, and you are sure to give your students something to talk about.
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Tyson Stevens is a freelance writer. He writes for and loves writing about education and technology in the classroom. Tyson believes that technology can be used to help the younger generation learn better and more efficiently.
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