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More Lion King Jokes…

  1. What did Nala tell Simba after seeing a group of veterans parading towards them on Memorial Day?… You gotta Mufasa! (Memorial Day Jokes for Kids& Disney Jokes for Kids)
  2. Zebra: Let’s switch roles for the day. Simba: Okay, I’m game! (Lion Jokes for Kids)
  3. What does Nala say to Simba before dinner?… First, we need to prey! (Lion Jokes for Kids)
  4. What did Timon say when Simba out-ran him?… You’re fit – for a King! (Track & Field Jokes)
  5. Why did Simba lose the competition?… He was up against a cheetah!
  6. Why is Simba so good at rowing?… He has a great r-oar! (Rowing Jokes)
  7. Why did Pumbaa’s friend call the complaints hotline?… T’moan! (Psychology Jokes)
  8. What do you get when you cross Simba with the Little Mermaid?… A sea lion! (Disney Jokes & Ocean Jokes)
  9. What do you call Mufasa’s farts?… Noble gas! (Chemistry Jokes)
  10. How do you ask Scar to stop being so mean?… Be a bit more Simbathetic! (Psychology Jokes)