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More Judo Jokes…

  1. President of Judo Club: “Now, what should the colors of our club be?”… Student: “I’d suggest black and blue.”
  2. What are the three biggest lies told in Judo? I haven’t worked out in a while. Let’s play light. Oops. I’m sorry.
  3. Old judo players never die, they just flip out.
  4. Why are the US Senior Nationals always so hot?… Because there’s hardly a fan in the place.
  5. Why is the skeleton afraid to do breakfalls?… Because he doesn’t have any guts. (Top Halloween Jokes)
  6. Why was the skeleton always left out in Judo?… Because he had no body to go with. (Top Halloween Jokes)
  7. What did the mummy Judo coach say at the end of practice?… “Let’s wrap this up!” (Top Halloween Jokes)
  8. When is a Judo player like a judge?… When he sits on the bench.
  9. What would you get if you crossed a Judo and the Invisible Man?… Judo like no one has ever seen.
  10. Why was Cinderella such a bad at Judo?… Her coach was a pumpkin.