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More Harry Potter Jokes…

  1. On a scale from one to ten, how obsessed with Harry Potter are you?… About nine and three quarters. (Math Jokes for Kids)
  2. Why was Harry Potter sent to the office?… Because he was cursing in class! (School Jokes / 180 School Jokes / Principal Jokes)
  3. Voldemort: Why so sirius? Sirius Black: Why so nosy? (Biology Jokes for Kids)
  4. How does Harry Potter get rid of a rash?… With quit-itch. (Biology Jokes for Kids)
  5. I found the first four Harry Potter books to be quite light-hearted… The fifth one was dead Sirius. (Book Jokes)
  6. Why does Voldemort only use Twitter and not Facebook?… Cause he only has followers, not friends!
  7. How does Harry Potter enter a room?… Through the Gryffin-door.
  8. If a wizard gets robbed by a Muggle… has he been Muggled? (Police Jokes)
  9. What do you call a wizard that can turn himself into a golf club?… Harry Putter. (Golf Jokes)
  10. How does Harry Potter listen to music?… He puts on Sirius XM. (365 Music Jokes)