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More Frosty the Snowman Jokes…

  1. Why does everybody like Frosty the Snowman?… Because he is so cool!
  2. Where does Frosty the Snowman get the weather report?… The Winternet. (Winter Jokes & Computer Jokes)
  3. What do Professor Hinkle and a hockey player have in common… The both love hat tricks! (Hockey Jokes & Magic Jokes)
  4. What song do you sing at Frosty the Snowman’s birthday party?… Freeze a jolly good fellow! (Music Jokes & Birthday Jokes)
  5. What does Frosty the Snowman like to do on the weekend?… Chill out.
  6. When asked about his job, Frosty always replies, “There’s no business like snow business.” (Snow Jokes)
  7. How does Frosty the Snowman pay his bills?… With cold hard cash.
  8. What did the Frosty the Snowman say when he was asked to commit a crime?… Snow way man. (Police Jokes)
  9. What is Frosty the Snowman’s favorite play in hockey?… Icing. (Hockey Jokes)
  10. What does Frosty the Snowman take when he gets sick?… A chill pill! (Doctor Jokes)