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More Florida Jokes…

  1. Why is it easy to get into Florida?… Because there are so many keys.
  2. Why are all the unemployed in Palm Beach County, Florida sitting on the dock?… An elections official said he needed help to count votes, and they all thought he said he needed help to count boats. (Fishing Jokes & Election Jokes)
  3. Where do the pianists go for vacation?… Florida Keys.
  4. It’s 70 degrees for maybe two months. Then April comes and the old people leave.
  5. Everyone loves grandmas. Until they are in front of them on the road.
  6. Top 3 things Florida is famous for 1. old people. 2. “stand your ground” laws. 3. recounts. (Election Jokes)
  7. Hurricanes don’t scare us. Until it’s too late to run.til it’s too late to run.
  8. What is the nautical chart of the Atlantic Ocean’s best pitch?… The depth curve. (Baseball Jokes)
  9. Florida: America hates us because America ain’t us.
  10. How come every weird story about jail happens in Florida?