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More Elf Jokes…

  1. What kind of music does elves like best?…”Wrap” music! (Music Jokes & Elf Jokes)
  2. Why was Santa’s little helper sad?… He had low elf esteem! (Psychology Jokes & High School Psychology Lessons)
  3. What happens to elves when they behave naughty?… Santa gives them the sack. (Christmas Jokes & Labor Jokes)
  4. What Do You Sing At An Elf’s Birthday Party?… Freeze A Jolly Good Fellow!
  5. “Does Santa Claus refer to his elves as ‘subordinate clauses’?” (Christmas Jokes)
  6. Did you know that Rudolph the Reindeer never went to school?… He was elf taught. (Reindeer Jokes & Elf Jokes)
  7. What do Santa’s little helpers learn at school?… The elf-abet. (Christmas Jokes for Teachers)
  8. What do elves do after school?… Their gnome work! (Elf jokes & 180 School Jokes)
  9. When Santa is on the beach what do the elves call him?… Sandy Claus. (Summer Jokes)
  10. What do you call a greedy elf?… Elfish. (Elf Jokes)