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More Brownie Jokes…

  1. How is a softball team like a brownie?… They both depend on a good batter! (Softball Jokes)
  2. I just burned 3,000 calories!… My fault for leaving my brownies in the oven while I took a nap though.
  3. How is a baseball team like a brownie?… They both depend on a good batter! (Baseball Jokes)
  4. What did the M&M brownie go to college?… Because he wanted to be a Smarty. (College Jokes)
  5. Why did the Oreo go to the dentist?… Because it lost its filling! (Cookie Jokes)
  6. What kind of brownie is never on time?… ChocoLATE. (Chocolate Jokes)
  7. How does the recipe for German brownie begin?… First, invade ze kitchen.
  8. The brownies I started making in my easy bake oven in 1987 are done if anyone wants some.
  9. What is the chemical formula for the molecules in a brownie?… Carbon-Holmium-Cobalt-Lanthanum-Tellurium or CHoCoLaTe (Top Science Jokes & 101 Mole Day Jokes)
  10. Knock Knock!… Who’s there?… Candy!… Candy who?… Candy boy have another brownie?