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Google Search “Bill of Rights Jokes”

  1. Say what you want about the 1st amendment…
  2. I just heard that the government has made an amendment to lockdown to allow Father Christmas out… It’s called the Santa Clause
  3. I got caught with a copy of the Constitution… I swear I read it for the articles. (Constitution Jokes
  4. Second Amendment: If you are against the second amendment, you could get fired.
  5. I’m not sure I can tell you word-for-word what the 2nd Amendment is… But I’ll take a shot at it!
  6. I went to the NRA and told them the 2nd amendment is worthless… They were triggered.
  7. Second Amendment If you are against the second amendment, you could get fired.
  8. “The Constitution says I have the right to bear arms,” I told the officer and he said, “Where’s the rest of the bear?” (Bear Jokes Police Jokes)
  9. Why did the hunter cut off the grizzly bear’s arms?… Because according to the 2nd amendment the hunter has the right to bear arms. (Hunting Jokes)
  10. Between the First Amendment’s freedom of assembly and the Eighth Amendment’s no cruel and unusual punishment, the US Constitution is basically saying “some assembly required, battery not included.”