Greetings Heirs, lately we’ve been publishing what we call ‘Tiara Polishers’ to our Tumblr blog and we’d like to share one with you-that may or may not be helpful in your classroom ‘kingdom’.
What exactly is a ‘Tiara Polisher’ you ask?
A Tiara Polisher is any mental, spiritual, educational or physical teaching that can brighten the crowns (minds) of young girls or kids and teens in general. Here’s one we’d like to share that may encourage positivity within your class. Enjoy!
‘Apples of Gold’ is a great and creative activity for kids and teens of any age (or gender) that will encourage positivity and familiarize them with (scripture Proverbs 25:11) teamwork and harmony in a group setting such as a classroom. In both biblical history (Adam, Eve and the Serpent) and fairytale history (Snow White) fruit has often been used to represent good or deceptive advice or words in general….particularily, the apple.
In this exercise, you’ll need: kid/teen study bibles (or a collection of positive quotes), scisssors, black writing markers, thumb tacks, glue sticks, a fairly large (4 sided) box, construction (and/or wrapping) paper and clear wrapping tape.
1) Create a fairly large tree with the brown or green construction paper and scissors OR you can cover a large box with silver wrapping paper and tape (cut a slit in the top of the box to put things in it). Post the tree (up) with thumb tacks or place the box (out)on a table-both somewhere accessible and visible to each kid/teen daily.
2) Have each kid/teen cut out (with gold construction paper) apple shapes and write positive quotes or scriptures spoken to them by others or that they’ve found in the study bibles or quote collection.
3) Once they’ve written their scripture, advice or quote on the apple have them paste it to the tree with the glue sticks or wrapping tape..eventually this tree should grow, creating a wall of positive affirmations to refer to OR
4) Have each kid/teen fold their golden apples and place them in the silver box…this box will make a great source of encouragement that each kid/teen can draw from daily! This is an activity that will and can last for the entire school year if done successfully…have fun! (Copyright 2012 © Princesses On P.E.R.P.A.I.S. Incorporated) ************************************************************************ Program Name : Princesses On P.E.R.P.A.I.S. Incorporated (P.O.P. Inc.) Founder/Executive Director: Jasmine Hawkins
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