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The first day at work, in a new environment, with new people is always nerve-racking. As an employer or hiring manager, you have to ensure that this day doesn’t become overwhelming for your new employee.

To set up long-term success with them, you ought to make them feel welcome and feel like part of the team, on and before the D-day. The first day should be a positive, memorable experience that the employee should never forget. If there is proper and clear communication, adequate preparation, and some one-on-one attention, the hire enjoys a smooth transition to their new work station. 

But how does one achieve this? Here are some of the top, very effective methods to get into your welcoming strategy.

  1. Show them you’ve been expecting them.

There are times, as a new hire, you get to your new station only to find out that some of your co-workers were not even aware of your coming. What’s more disheartening is the fact that you might find the supervisor scrambling, looking for the necessary tools such as a computer, company phone, or even a work station. 

You can make the new employee feel much welcomed by showing that you had been expecting them. Take your time to organize their work station and even notify your other employees of the day the new member will be joining the team.

2. Provide plenty of training on how they should work

Ensure that you take the new member through all the nitty-gritty related to working for such a company. One of the best methods used for such a thing is the use of induction training software to help the new employee to understand more about how the company operates and what to expect before they start to work.  

Don’t be afraid to let them begin training on the first day. They can start with small, minor tasks until they get more comfortable and acquainted with the new environment.

3. Use the ‘buddy’ system.

Although this sounds like something that would not be done in a big company such as yours, this is a very effective method to ensure that your new hire feels at home. Get one of your staff members, who will be up to the task of taking the new employee through the different aspects of getting used to the office and how things are done around there. 

The buddy or the mentor as would be referred to, will also answer all the questions the hire has. Many things are covered once the new employee gets more comfortable with the buddy: both the written rules such as the dress codes and the unwritten rules such as what foods cannot be cooked in the microwave, etc.

4. Introduce everyone

One of the most awkward situations one can find themselves in is the ‘who are you?’ or ‘can I help you?’ sort of questions from other employees, to a new one. To avoid such embarrassing moments, try to introduce the new hire, if not to the entire team, at least to a few members of the same department.

5. Get the paperwork done as soon as possible.

Although this is rather a dull process, it is best to get it done within the first day. Not only does it cross this off your list, but it also keeps your employees to feel productive. 

Having your new employee go through the induction training software on the first day not only helps the new hire to get used to the company, but it also saves you the time you would have otherwise used to take them through each thing concerning the company and their roles.