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As the line of gender divide keeps vanishing, men’s fashion started gravitating towards jewelry. It is evident from men’s wedding band popularity like the ones available online from Mensweddingbands, LLC.  However, wedding bands for men are not new as it has a history of more than a century behind it. During the earlier centuries, men’s wedding bands were more customary and had some standard features like width between 3 and 6 mm with rounded edges and made from 14k or 18k gold with a few exceptions of platinum. 

However, things started changing during the second half of the twentieth century as men’s wedding bands’ popularity started growing.  Today, you have too many choices because of newer metals added to the jewelry range.  The traditional gold, silver, platinum, cobalt, titanium, tungsten, tantalum, and palladium are suitable for making wedding bands. 

Besides choosing the metal, wedding bands’ design and style depend on a few factors like the band shape and finish that contribute immensely to its appeal and cost. By making slight changes in these parameters, you can buy your coveted design at an affordable price.

 Wedding band shapes

The classical design of wedding bands meant a round shape that created a continuous ring resembling the everlasting and consistent love of the couple who stay bonded through their life.  While the bands still maintain their circular profile, they have undergone many variations in the shapes and edges that offer different comfort levels to different people. The aspect of comfort is critical during the selection of wedding bands as it ensures continuous wearing. Any discomfort with the band will result in the wearer taking it off at the slightest pretext. 

Domed bands – The dome shaped bands belong to the classical design with a slightly curved surface and rounded edges for smoothly moving in and out from the finger.

Flat bands – At first sight, these bands look similar to the domed bands, but it has a flat surface with rounded edges.

Beveled bands – The bands’ design follows the main pattern of domed bands, but the finishing of the edge is different. The edges are not rounded but cut at an angle to give the band a rounded appearance. Its similarity with domed bands should not miss your eye, but its lower profile gives it a more modern look. 

Knife edged bands – The shape of knife-edged bands consists of a double slope on the surface that meets at a point in the middle section of the surface, giving a more angular appearance to the surface. 

Coin bands – As the name implies, coin bands look like the sides of a coin, and the outside of the border has very fine cuts.

Step bands – It is possible to make a flat band look more attractive by adding a dimension to the otherwise plain band’s outer rim with the help of multiple ridges.

Consider the shape of your finger and its size to decide which shape would look best on you. Also remember a good wedding ban can make all banquet tablecloths impressive.