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The advent of technology plays an essential role in every sector of the economy, and education is not an exception. One of the aspects of technology that has gained enormous popularity over the last decade in the field of education is the use of social media. People are using this platform not only to stay in touch with others in the society but also as a medium to spread awareness. Some use social media as a source of information, while others use it as a platform to demonstrate their skills and buy custom essay online. We are going to highlight the use of social media in education in the following article.

Connect with experts worldwide

There are several experts out there on social media who are willing to share their knowledge with those who are eager to learn. This platform does not restrict you from following only a single individual to learn new things. You can follow diverse experts in the field of your choice and constantly reaming in touch with them via their social media posts. Another advantage is that you get to follow experts and professionals without any constraint of location and reachability. Today, millions of students sitting in remote areas are up to date with at least techniques and theories. All the credit goes to the experts who are mentoring them via their social media posts.

Acts a resource 

Unlike in the past, today, students do not have to restrict themselves to the knowledge that their books cover. Social media exposure makes it possible to explore a diverse variety of resources that are available online. Without having to spend money on buying textbooks, children can access these resources and compile their notes. Schools, colleges, and universities are also able to extract data from social media that help them enhance their teaching content as well as their teaching methodologies. 

Enhances learning via audio-visual aid

Today students do not depend only on the words in their books to determine the process and understand the functioning. Video available online is helping them not only to enhance their language skills but, at the same time, at the same time, gain clarity of principles we use in physics and chemistry. The audio-visual aid is doing miracles is helping children learn in a better way without making them depend on rote learning for scoring well in exams. This audio-visual aid helps in improving the overall management and system.

Helps scholars build social credibility

Students can use this platform wisely to build a good reputation in the job market. Using this system to exhibit their knowledge and skills can help a scholar to develop his brand and a career portfolio. There are plenty of social networking sites today that help learners secure a job by applying to various jobs online using their social media account as their resume displaying all the achievements and success stories.

Posting content, games, and activities

Social media is a perfect platform for teachers to share different activities with the children. Instead of burdening the kids with everyday homework tasks, teachers can create entertaining activities and quizzes that relate to their respective subjects and post these on social media groups where all their students are members. Teachers can create pages on social media and ensure that all the students like the page. Instructors can then use this page to share not only material but also all the updates and changes to the schedule.

Stream live lectures as well as host discussions

It is today possible with the help of social media to streaming live lectures in addition to hosting the discussions online. Such a technique comes to action, especially in times when delivering an in-class lecture is next to possible. During the spread of pandemic like coronavirus, many instructors worldwide are resorting to using social media as a vital platform for delivering speeches. These lectures remain on social media for infinite time, and students can time and again refer to these in case they find a problem locating the reference to a question.

Using social media as a class message board

Social media can act as a notice board where teachers can resort to sharing all the essential updates with students with just a click of a mouse. Be it informing children about the change in schedules, an event in the school, or telling parents about the parents’ teacher meet, institutions can share everything on this platform. It can also be used as a platform to broadcast events and, at the same time, upload the footage of the events held at school that some students could not attend due to absence from class.


Last but not least, teachers can post blogs on social media and share it with their students. While on the one hand, it acts as a medium to showcase the talent they have in preparing lectures and lesson plans; on the other hand, these blogs serve as a resource for children. Children can share their opinions about the post in the comment section and, at the same time, also seek answers to questions they have in mind. These blogs are not just restricted to the students of a particular class or a section but are accessible to all the students who are in the contact list of the teacher over social media.

Gone are the days when only a few people could afford to create an account on social media. Today every person is on social media. Social media, unlike in the past, has surpassed the barrier of being a platform for sharing one’s personal life with others and has become a forum where people share actual knowledge and content. In such a scenario, social media is doing miracles in the sphere of education. Everybody resort to social media to fetch quick details and clarity to any query they have in mind. In times to come, we believe that social media will further enhance the quality of instruction as well as learning.