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What is the Sofa Cushion Challenge? It’s a game! Forgotten treasure to
find. Friends to challenge. And a way to help save sick & injured
tortoises in real life!

Speedbump was a tortoise who got his name because he was hit by a car. 
The Valley Chapter of the California Turtle & Tortoise Club (CTTC) took
him in, gave him veterinary care and also a special skateboard so that
he could get around by himself, even without the use of his damaged hind
legs.  And Speedbump is just one example of a sick or injured tortoise
rescued by the Valley Chapter.  They take in abandoned and unwanted
tortoises, give veterinary treatment to those that are sick or injured
and then adopt them out to good homes…  And they don’t charge for any
of it.  Not for taking in a tortoise.  And not for adoptions either.

So how could a game make a difference for Speedbump and friends?  Quite
easily!  And in just three steps!

Step 1: Search
Go to a place in your home where you know coins tend to gather. I chose
to look under the sofa cushions but any likely place will do. The point
is to find money that already belongs to you but that you’ve forgotten
about. Make a video of your search and in the video make sure to name
three of your friends whom you’d like to challenge. Kids, please ask
parents first.

Step 2: Donate
Count up the spare change you rediscovered in Step #1 and donate it to
the charity that inspired this challenge: The California Turtle &
Tortoise Club (Valley Chapter)’s Sick & Injured Tortoise Fund. The
“Donate” page on the Sofa Cushion Challenge website directs you to the
CTTC-Valley’s GoFundMe page, their PayPal Giving Fund page or their
mailing address.

Step 3: Share
If you made a video of your search, now’s the time to post it on your
favorite social media channel: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,
TikTok or any other of the many out there that you and your friends most
enjoy! Make sure your friends know they’ve been challenged. Then sit
back and wait for their videos! Who found the most treasure? If you
couldn’t make a video yourself, go ahead and challenge your friends
anyway. Let’s see how big a difference we can make!

That’s all there is to it.  A big thank you to all those who have
already taken the challenge and to everyone who would like to help the
sick and injured tortoises rescued by the CTTC-Valley!

Here are some links if you’d like to learn more:

The Sofa Cushion Challenge official website:

The Sofa Cushion Challenge Introductory Video

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and tortoises in our news section!