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I was traveling on a train with my hand on the window such that my elbow was outside. The train was moving fast. I felt some droplets on my hand. First, I thought that it was coming from outside but then saw the man on the seat opposite to me.

A laborer, probably in his 70’s, he was washing his hands and gargling and spitting out water outside the window. I asked him politely what he was doing. He got angry and said, “How is it possible? I did the same thing in washbasin a few minutes ago, and there was no water splash on anyone.”

Had this man studied physics in school, he might be able to understand how the world works. I am sure you probably know why education is essential in today’s time. It is not just about skills; education teaches us how to live a better life in this world.

The world is not all flowers and rainbows. To live a better life, you need skills, you need knowledge, and most of all you need to know how to use that knowledge for yourself and to help others. 

If you are an adult and have doubts about the role of education in this world, here are some points that will change your perception for sure. 

  1. Enhance soft skills 

What is one thing that is common among all successful people? They are all great with soft skills. When a kid goes to school, they learn various styles of management and how to influence others with presentation skills. Each kid learns the importance of equality, teamwork, and cooperation. 

These so-called soft skills might not mean anything to kids when they are young, but they improve their communication, critical thinking, and skills of problem-solving skills for the future: these skills, and a lot of other skills  like that can aid you in your professional life. 

Each of these skills is equally important for any big organization. And such skills can advance your career regardless of your field because they bring you closer to your goal. 


2. Boosting confidence for success 

In school, every time you get good grades or give an excellent presentation, your teachers, friends, and parents pat you on your back and offer you support that builds confidence in you. 

When you finish school or graduate from college, you get a degree/certificate, which indicates that you have gained some knowledge and some experience that will help you in the future.

There is no better place than a school to impart confidence into a child. School-going children have the perfect age to learn and acquire new skills. If they are taught to communicate and present themselves confidently at this age, it will go a long way in helping them in the future.

In today’s world, schools are now making more and more endeavors to indulge kids in confidence-building activities.

For instance, I recently heard about an independent middle school in San Jose, where students take part in social entrepreneurship activities. These activities aim to build confidence in kids by allowing them to come up with solutions for various societal problems.

Moreover, science proved that there is a strong bond between confidence and success. When you succeed, you earn a bit of confidence and upgrade your level of understanding.

The kids who show a higher degree of confidence in school tend to earn more significant success in life. 


3. Developing a better network 

Modern technology has impacted kids in different ways. It has changed the means of learning and communication. Schools have also advanced in the way they interact with kids and teach them how to communicate creatively with other kids.

No, I am not talking about adding friends on Facebook. In a classroom setting, you get to sit with people who belong to diversified backgrounds. You can befriend them and get to know them better. 

Be it school or an MBA degree; you get to develop a network of friends that can help you with different areas of your life. With people of similar backgrounds, you get to know them and grow with them.

With students from other backgrounds, you will be able to learn something different from them. When you bond with people from assorted backgrounds, you end up making some loyal friends out there, and these friends will help you throughout your life.

With these people, you’ll create memories that will remain part of your life, even if you don’t want it. 


4. You will develop a strict work ethic 

Certain things are universal in all schools. For instance, the routine that a kid follows every day.

To go to school, kids will wake up at the same time, arrive in school on time, and leave school at a similar time every day. This fixed routine develops a certain work ethic that will help them in professional life. 

A strong work ethic is something that is admired by the supervisors and your fellow employees. It builds drive among people to advance faster and better in their careers.

It is a good habit to keep things organized, and with a set routine, there is a boost in creativity. See all the successful people, and you will know that they follow a strong work ethic.

Be it a manager, supervisor, or the company CEO, watch everyone closely, and you will see why they are getting promoted, and you are still in the same position. It is because of the difference in work ethics.

In school, you learn how to strictly follow a routine that helps in building a strong work ethic in professional life.  


Wrapping it all up

Education is not a choice anymore. The competition out there is nail-biting. If you want to get ahead of everyone, you need to educate yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge required to survive in the market. 

It is important to keep in mind that if you pursue an education in a field that you love, your chances of success multiply.

There are a lot of people striving in every field, but success only comes to those who are disciplined, organized, and are doing what they want.

Do not complain that you do not have time to educate yourself. It is an era of the internet. You can learn everything right from the comfort of your home. Go out there and learn what you need to learn to beat your competition.