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The following is one of many great National Parks Services WebRanger activities. As a teacher, it is best to complete the activity before presenting to your students. The students will visit the link and answer the following questions. The questions require the students to be actively involved in the activity. The worksheets can be collected for assessment or a teacher could include the information in a later quiz or test.

Before completing the activity, the students should register as a WebRanger. By registering the work can be saved and progress can be tracked.

Correct answers are in BOLD and ITALICS! (Delete when creating a worksheet for students)

Name:                                                                                                                 period:

The Patriot Spy: (NPS Difficulty Level: Hard)

LOGIN TO YOUR WEBRANGER ACCOUNT. (Assessment will be based on showing NPS progress)

Opening Slide:

1. What is your task? (opening slide) Sneak Past the enemy soldiers to deliver a letter to Paul Revere.


1. What is the job of some Park Rangers? To study old documents and pictures.

2. What is the goal of the research? The rangers try to understand more about our country’s history. They do this at National Parks around the country.


1. Describe the status of America in 1775. Who was the ruler? America was a British colony ruled but the King of England.

2. Define Patriot: colonists who wanted to separate from England and be an independent country.

3. Define Loyalist: Those who remained loyal to the Britain.

4. How were the British planning on maintaining control over the the troublesome Massachusetts Colony? The British planned to capture hidden cannons in the town of Lexington.

The Setting

1. It is the evening of (list ENTIRE DATE): April 18, 1775

2. Nickname for British Soldiers: the Redcoats


1. Describe your mission. My goal is to deliver a message to fellow patriot Paul Revere so he can warn those in Lexington of the impending British march.

2. Two patriots you will be warning include: Samuel Adams & John Hancock

Your Map (1)

1. What is the relative location of Paul Revere’s house in relation to your starting point? North

Your Map (2)

1. How many challenges must you face? 3, Three

Mission Part 1

1. What is the name of “your church?” The Old South Meeting House

2. Why are the soldiers stationed outside the church? (Complete Sentences) Thousands of Patriots gathered at the Old South Meeting House to protest the tax on tea. The proceeded to board English ships loaded with Tea. The Patriots dumped the tea in Boston Harbor.

3. Explain how the patriots believed the the tax Tea impacted their rights. The Patriots believed their rights as citizens were being violated.

4. The British punished the Boston as a reaction to the Boston Tea Party. Explain one of the punishments. The Old South Meeting house was occupied by British soldiers.

CRITICAL THINKING Assume you are a Boston Patriot. Explain your thoughts on the punishment. How does it impact you? How does it make you feel? Answer in a complete paragraph.  Answers will vary. I am upset that my place of worship is being occupied. This would never happen in England. I do not like how the British are taking away my ability to worship as I please.

Challenge #1

1. BEFORE ANSWERING THE QUESTION! Use the mouse to scroll over the picture. Make 3 IMPORTANT observations about the picture. Include observations about the people in the picture.

2. Does this cartoon show support for the Tea Act ____ shows support ___X__ does not show support

3. What means “cool” in colonial times? HUZZAH

4. Describe the actual event that was drawn in the picture. Include the position / job. The actual event was tax collector John Malcolm being tarred and feathered.

Mission Part 2

1. How do you get past the Redcoats? A barking dog distracts the redcoats and you are able to sneak by.

2. What is the building of the next challenge? The Old State House

3. Because Boston is under the rule of England, what is the British symbol is located on the roof? Lion

4. HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION: What do soldiers use to see more clearly at night? Torches

5. Why do British soldiers patrol this area? This is the site of the Boston Massacre, where 9 British soldiers shot 5 townspeople to death.

6. Describe what important event occurred on the night of March 5th, 1770. The Boston Massacre

Challenge #2

This picture is an engraving by Paul Revere.

1. BEFORE ANSWERING THE QUESTION! Use the mouse to scroll over the picture. Make 3 IMPORTANT observations about the picture. Include observations about the people in the picture. (See activity)

2. Does this picture look like the crowd or the redcoats started the Massacre on King Street?  show

____ crowd   X    redcoats

3. The drawing is a form of propaganda (showing a bias for one side). Describe how the picture portrays

The soldiers Guilty Evidence from picture: sign above soldiers reads Butcher’s Hall.

Evidence from picture: Soldiers are smiling as they shoot.

the crowd Innocent Evidence from picture: The crowd has no weapons.

Mission #3

1. How do you get by the redcoats? A horse distracts the soldiers from looking in your direction and you are able to walk by.

2. What is the name of Boston’s marketplace & town hall? Faneuil Hall

3. What do you need to be on the lookout for? There are many British Loyalist merchants hanging around the docks.

4. Why might loyalists be suspicious of people at Faneuil Hall? (Hard) Because there are townspeople that are sympathetic to the Patriot cause and at Town Meeting people speak out against British Taxation policies.

5. What can be purchased on the 1st floor of Faneuil Hall? Groceries

6. What can happens on the 2nd floor of Faneuil Hall? Town Meetings

7. CONTINUITY & CHANGE: What happens at town meetings? Citizens discuss important issues to Boston (local towns do the same).

8. What is a topic that is often protested at town meeting? British Taxation

9. Who went to these meetings? Patriots

10. What was Benjamin Church? A British Spy

Mission Part 4

1. What wharf must you pass on the way to Paul Revere’s house? Woodman’s Wharf

2. Describe the neighbors attitude about the cause. Some neighbors are unfriendly to the cause.

3. What is Paul Revere’s Job? Silversmith

4. What was Paul Revere’s job as a Patriot? Messenger

5. How far would his job take him? As far South as Philadelphia.

6. What is Paul Revere’s reaction when he greets you? He seems to be expecting you.

7. Who is the letter from? Joseph Warren

8. What 3 tasks are you assigned to complete?

a. Alert Hancock and Adams in Lexington

b. Ride tonight

c. Report to me

9. HUZZAH! Why should you be proud of of your mission? I delivered the message in time for Paul Revere to beat the redcoats to Lexington.


You followed the same steps as a Park Ranger. List the steps below!

1. Study the document.

2. Ask questions.

3. Make conclusions.