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One of the biggest reasons behind a successful site according to search engine optimizers is the authenticity of the content present on it. The material not only represents the topic of a page but the whole website through the ranking systems works in two ways one is rank per page and rank of the website. If any page of your site contains valuable content then for sure it will be indexed on Google servers when bots crawl your website and will be ranked accordingly.

If your site is outdated and doesn’t contain updated content on whatever your website has to offer then your site will stay where it is or may wholly disappear from the search engine page results. The content requires frequent updates because you are not the only one with that type of website over the internet. Many other sites are trying hard to rank well in search engine results pages.

There can be many reasons to why your website is not upgrading in rank. Maybe you don’t have an SEO team or hired anyone to do the job for you or the content on your site is not unique enough to attract people from around the world. If you own a business, you can target an area where you wish your business to be most viewed, and Google gives various opportunities for this very purpose.

Using online paraphrasing tool can help you in many ways to appear on the SERP. This is the best way to create unique content for a website, and you can add updates to the article if you wish to as well. Article spinning tools allow you to change the content without affecting its meaning, and it is the best tool if you can’t write content by yourself.

Reasons to Use These Online Paraphrasing Tools

There can be many reasons, but I’ll just point out a few:

  1. Article re-writing tools allow you to complete a task faster than doing it manually where an individual will take an hour or so to re-write, article spinner will do in a matter of seconds.
  2. It creates unique content which means completely plagiarism free, though there is a slight chance, but that’s not going to happen until you keep on making the tool re-write the same thing again and again.
  3. These tools online fix any grammatical errors in your article especially the spelling mistakes, but it won’t correct any homophone errors so make sure to proofread after you are done paraphrasing.
  4. You can add as many keywords as you want, where ever you want, the tool will adjust them according to the context.
  5. If you don’t like the paraphrased content then you can hit “Re-write” button again to re-spin the article for you. Each time you do so, you will find a different content, but the meaning will remain the same.

Does Paraphrasing Affect SEO?

The one question that bothers almost every site owner. To help your site gain more traffic, this is the easiest way. The paraphrased content is unique all you need to do is adjust keywords, and you are good to go. Finding the right content over the website is not an easy task as most of the sites contain content which is already re-written so find as much information as you can to be unique.

What people do is they sometimes copy content from other sites and post it as it is maybe because they are unaware of the penalties or they do it on purpose. I would advise you otherwise, especially if you care for the rank of your website.

Adding external links to the pages of your websites will allow your site to be crawled faster than others. This way the search engine is sure that your site doesn’t carry plagiarized content and contains authentic material. If you are looking for a paraphrasing tool, then I would suggest you use It provides all the features you need to fix your re-written article.

Are Paraphrasing Tools Better?

Well, if we talk about expert writers out there do you think they are perfect and do not make mistakes? Everyone does. Would you be surprised to hear if I say even the professionals use these tools to fix any errors in their grammar and spellings? It is correct, and believe me, it is of no use to hire writers to do the job for you when you can do in a matter of minutes. Now, do you want to give this task to writers and pay them or want to do it yourself the easy way, the decision is yours!