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The Jimmy Valvano Speech from the 1993 ESPY awards is one of the most motivational speeches of all times. It is truly inspiring.
It is great using this in a psychology class with a motivation and emotion unit, a sports in society class, with athletic teams, or just a clip to show how a few inspired people united by a cause can make a difference.
With our March Madness blog series, we felt it was important to include this monumental speech and incredible story.
Click here for the full text of the speech.
Below are 2 links to the speech: Enjoy
Below are some activities and writing prompts that can be used with students after viewing the speech.
Writing Prompt: “I always have to think about what’s important in life to me are these three things. Where you started, where you are and where you’re going to be. Those are the three things that I try to do every day.” In a well-written essay, reflect on the important people and events for the following periods. Use your imagination for the final one:

  • Where you started.
  • Where you are.
  • Where you’re going to be.

Create a Goal with a Visual:

  • “Nothing can happen if not first a dream!”
  • “A motivated person with a goal, a dream, a belief… can accomplish miracles.”

List a goal that you would like to accomplish. Include the steps needed to reach this goal. Use a motivational image for a background. Your goal should be inspiring and I would like you to place it somewhere that you can see it every day. The goal should serve as a reminder of what you hope to accomplish in life.
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