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+Academic performance of students is directly related to the family background of a student. The home environment plays a major role in their school performance. When the environment is conducive for them at home, they can focus on their studies and give it their best, See the original article here. Below are some of the family factors that influence the performance of a student.

Marital status of the family

  • Marital status of the family has a direct influence on the children.
  • If the marital status of the family is unstable, chances are it will harm the educational status of the children.
  • This is because they can’t fully concentrate on the assignments given to them.
  • This is due to stress, the tension in the family, frustrations and a lack of motivation from the parents.
  • Students need to be raised in a family with a stable marital status.
  • To ensure that the student does not suffer from emotional problems which harm the academic performance of the student.

Low socio-economic homes

  • The home is a great factor that has a direct influence on the performance of students.
  • Students from low socio-economic families may suffer from lack of basic needs.
  • It becomes very difficult for such students to give full concentration in class which leads to decreased performance among the students.
  • Students need to be raised in homes with an intellectually stimulating environment and also in families where their basic needs can be met.
  • To ensure that their education is not interfered with and so that they can score well academically.

Psychological conditions of a home

  • Children raised in homes where there is no love or cohesion among the parents, experience detrimental effects in their studies.
  • This is because most of the times these parents are arguing which harms the lives of the kids.
  • Parents should also be there for their children, to show them assignments and also guide them.
  • Parents need to be there for their school-going children and offer guidance and motivation.
  • Following this, students can be able to concentrate in class and achieve higher grades as compared to children in homes where parents are ever arguing and never guide them.

Supportive parents

  • Some parents do not support their children. Especially in matters concerning education. This makes the kids feel demotivated and discouraged.
  • Parents should get involved in the academic status of their children. To be able to follow up and see how they are performing and to also offer help where it is required.
  • Children with supportive parents have been shown to have better performance in school and have higher grades.

High-income families

  • Students from high-income families benefit more in terms of education and have high academic performance.
  • This is because their parents can provide for them the required learning materials such as textbooks.
  • They don’t lack the necessities they need to learn and their parents can comfortably provide for them.
  • As a result, such students register high academic performance, See the original article here.