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Hearing the word exam brings many of us back to our school days. However, certain jobs require us to take tests all the time. One of those jobs is a contractor. 

A contractors license will completely change the way customers see you. Passing the exam will give you accreditation, which will give your customers’ confidence in the work you do. 

This article will answer your common questions about the widely accepted NASCLA exam, and how you can get ready. Read on and you’ll learn about the basics about the test you need to take! 

So, What is The Contractors Exam?

A contractors exam gives you accreditation towards a contractors license. There are different test options, but one of the most widely accepted is the NASCLA exam.

The NASCLA created the most well known exam for contractors. NASCLA is an acronym for “The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies”. A NASCLA license is accepted in most US states, including Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon and most recently Florida. 

How is it Structured?

The NASCLA exam focuses on the laws around contracting work. The test consists of one hundred twenty five questions. Up to ten of the one hundred twenty five can be left unanswered and not impact the final score. 

One hundred and twenty five questions might seem daunting, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Preparing for the NASCLA exam is easy when you partner with a training center that focuses on preparing contractors for the big day.

What’s The Best Way To Prepare?

There are targeted courses to prepare for the NASCLA exam from CTC. This gives contractors the chance to learn about the exam in a low-pressure environment. For some, the best method is working in a one-on-one tutoring scenario, while others need a study group to motivate them.

Regardless of what work style is best for you, you need a primer on how to get started. The test is open book, but not open note. If you rely blindly on the book you may waste all your time searching for answers. Or worse, you might be stumped by the structure of the test itself. 

Altogether, everyone needs to study and prepare for the exam, and it’s best to do it through a course. 

What Benefits Does Taking The NASCLA Really Offer?

The truth is there are tons of benefits to taking the NASCLA exam. 

  • Being a certified and licensed contractor gives you the ability to charge your work at a higher rate.
  • Being licensed makes you feel comfortable in your knowledge, and gives your customers a certain guarantee that you are trustworthy and capable of completing a job. 
  • Being certified will expand your customer pool, and bring in more demand for your business.

Without even seeing past samples, your customers will trust that you can provide a level of quality that’s critical in construction. Nobody wants to take a risk by hiring an inexperienced or non-licensed contractor. With a license, you will prove that you are ready for work. This will overall lead to a greater influx of customers.

In The End

Even though taking exams can be stressful in some professions, it’s undeniably important for contractors to get certified.

Getting contractors certification is the most important change you can make to better your business. Once you pass the NASCLA exam it will change your job forever. You will be proud that you chose to pursue a license hard. With increased revenue, more customers, and accreditation to pursue larger projects, your hard work will be worth it!