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The main interior of any office is an office cabinet, which is designed to belong to small shapes of architecture. In terms of performance is compared to other furniture in the business environment with maximum comfort. Today, the consumer market offers several options for office cabinets, with different purposes and styles. Therefore, before you buy office furniture, you need to pre-learn its types.


The modern office environment must be stylish and functional. Thanks to the great variety of cabinets, office suits can be matched to any design and size of the room, both in an apartment building and for a large company. Also, here is a wide range of office products which allows you to create an interesting interior of the rooms, taking into account individual preferences. But still the main purpose of the cabinet for the office is considered to be the convenient location of documentation. Let’s get acquainted with the main characteristics of types of office products and their varieties, which are worth paying attention to.


All archival cabinets are individually designed for workstations. By classification they are divided into the following types:

Two-winged items with swing doors. These compartment cabinets in the office design resemble home furniture. Double-leaf doors are used for storing outerwear, working materials and archival documents;

Office wardrobes – is a very convenient option for clothing employees. In addition, in the office compartment cabinets can be used to store bags, accessories and other personal items of the team. This product can also integrate several elements, allowing you to create a single useful design;

Secreters – this furniture consists of a desk and a drawer with folding shelves. Here it is convenient to locate file cabinets of accounting documents, folders with A4 papers and stationery;

Shelves – this product can be made partially or completely open, as well as have glass partitions or doors. The glass door cupboard can be used as a showcase to display the office’s achievements, such as diplomas, certificates, awards, positive feedback from customers. The open type is often used for office zoning. In this case, the entire working staff will have access to the located documents and other documentation;

Corner cabinet – this multifunctional furniture will fit perfectly into a home office or other workspace. Due to its design, office corner cabinets are able to accommodate, in addition to documentation, also outerwear, electrical equipment, office supplies, and other equipment;

Office drawer – the purpose of stationary drawers is to locate folders with documentation, pallets for office paper, vases and to install a printer with a computer.


Office furniture and cabinets can be made of a wide range of materials that have distinctive features in appearance, performance, and cost.

Let’s get acquainted with characteristics of the most demanded materials:

Natural wood – office cabinets and racks made of this material can be called the most environmentally friendly. In addition, they have an attractive appearance and high durability. Accounting cabinets made of natural wood will fit into any design, which will emphasize the taste of the head. But when choosing furniture made of this material you need to be ready for a high price. Many consumers confuse chipboard furniture with natural wood. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is recommended to get reliable information about the material of its manufacture from the seller;

Metal is one of the most durable, fire-safe materials for making office cupboards. Archive cabinets made of metal can contain a large number of accounting documents, folders with contracts and other important papers, with reliable protection from an external negative environment. The only drawback of the material is the fact that accounting metal cabinets have a dim tint, so they rarely harmonize with the interior of the room;

Glass – this material is only partially involved in the manufacture of office furniture. It is used in such elements as doors, shelves, and partitions. Office cabinets with glass allow you to see everything inside. Thanks to these qualities and original design, glass furniture has recently become quite popular. But at its acquisition, it is necessary to consider that glass is fragile enough a material, therefore to concern to such products especially accurately.

Products in the office can be prefabricated or welded construction, have different height and volume of internal space. In this regard, they will have distinctive features on the internal equipment.

Tips for Selection and Placement

Such a question as how to choose the right furniture for your office and how to place it properly worries many people. Here are some useful tips on choosing office furniture and its location:

Characteristics of office products should correspond to the style of the company and the size of the room for comfortable work of employees;

If a company cannot afford expensive furniture made of natural wood, then it is better to choose a nightstand made of metal and racks with shelves made of chipboard;

The cabinet is usually installed close to the desk so that it can be quickly accessed. The garment is placed in the corner of the room, and the shelf is in the middle of the office;

In order to avoid confusion in the archives, it is better to choose furniture with cells that can be signed in the future. The filing cabinets must have doors with locks, otherwise, the archive will be freely accessible to anyone. Such furniture is located directly in the staff area;

For a home office, the choice often falls on a double-leaf corner cabinet. Its design saves space in a small room. And the elements built in a case will allow to arrange outer clothing of the client and to hide from extraneous eyes home appliances.

Having considered a detailed description of all types of office cabinets, many will be able to rationally decide which furniture is best suited for homes with offices and large companies. The right combination of appearance, design, and filling will allow you to create not only the individual interior of the room but also the convenience for work.