Getting your students to perform as a teacher is a daunting task. Teaching in itself is a noble profession, and the only way to gauge your success lies in improving grades in your class. It is often not easy to have all your students performing highly, but it is possible to improve their grades. It is an open secret the brighter students can sometimes fail to meet your expectations. It all depends on the motivation and efforts that each person has for them to succeed. If your mission is to teach your undergraduates how to write essays, be it the paper about the world’s cyclical structure or gun control argumentative essay, you need to show them how to do it creatively as opposed to merely forcing in words. In the case of an essay, an excellent example is ‘The story of an hour’ written by Kate Chopin, which features a protagonist personality, Louise Mallard. Another exciting story is the ‘Animal farm,’ which features a critical character known as the old major. All of these stories can open up the mind of the student to think in broader terms when writing, hence improving the grades. Even the Annabel Lee poem is an ideal pick for this cause.

Students, however good they may individually be, depend on teachers for performance. The teacher is the guide who controls what students gain when they are studying. If by any chance they are still underperforming even after putting all the effort in class, then it is probably time to get a solution for the problem. In case you don’t have an idea of how to improve the academic performance of students, then this article is for you. The following ways can be used to achieve success:

  • Work on the attitude

There is nothing as important as this factor. When the mind is affected, then there is a fundamental problem that you need to work on. The attitude of a student towards learning and comprehension can account for the difference between their success and failure. That is why it is always crucial for the students to have a positive mental attitude towards studying. Therefore, if you are looking at how to be a good teacher, this is one step to it. Develop and create a positive mindset in all your students, even before teaching them what they need. This will significantly influence their grades.

  • Maintain a good student-teacher relationship

Being a student, you need to have a good relationship with your teacher and vice versa. That good relationship will make both parties free to engage and ask questions, then seek for solutions together. This can significantly influence the undergraduate’s success in terms of boosting grades. Neither the student nor the teacher should be hesitant or afraid to consult the other. This way, the flow of knowledge and information does not stop.

As a teacher, you also need to know your students well when interacting with them. Some of them might have disorders that may affect their concentration and even interaction with others. Disorders such as PDA need your attention as a teacher. What is PDA? Well, in full PDA stands for pathological demand avoidance, and it is a disorder that makes one have difficulty in social interaction and communication. Therefore, you need to know, as a teacher, how to handle such situations when you get them.

  • Make improvements on note taking

Note taking is key to success and improving one’s grades. This is often one reason for underperforming in students since a good note taking system equals better comprehension when reading for tests. Scrawled notes will give a student a hard time when studying due to an improper arrangement of words and sentences.

Misunderstanding notes come from poorly written work and can give a lot of trouble during revision. It is imperative for you as a student to, therefore, come up with notes that can help you study for a test efficiently. One way to achieve this is by frequently asking questions in a class where you are not sure and being closely attentive to what the teacher says.

  • Have proper time management

This factor is essential for an undergraduate. You should know how to split your time according to revision, research, and rest. All these need you to spread your time well and can result in an improvement of grades.

In summary, the above tips can significantly influence the performance of a student and can be the stepping stone to better grades and success.