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In order to be the best tutor you can be, you need the best tools and resources. It used to be that the best of these were expensive and therefore unattainable for most tutors. That is no longer the case, and modern-day tutors have access to a massive range of highly beneficial resources that can improve both your ability to teach, as well as making it easier for students to learn.

From interactive online tools to accessing the best classroom materials, here are the four best resources for tutors of all kinds in 2019. Use these and your ability to teach will only improve.

Khan Academy

Finding the best resources for those students that need a little extra help used to be a challenge, but there are so many options now that it can be bewildering. However, one of the most useful for students and tutors alike is the Khan Academy. Not only does it offer a huge range of subjects, but it also splits them up into skill levels as well. If you have a student who is struggling with a specific subject, then online learning in addition to your own classes can be very useful.

Core Writing Skills

Better writing is not just about vocabulary and subject awareness (although these are important too). Your students will need to understand the different writing styles required for a variety of different assignments. Knowing the difference between formal and creative writing is therefore essential, and will require being aware of referencing and citations. These can be tricky when they are first tackled, and can often lead to mistakes with plagiarism. Make sure that your students are aware of the need to use of a plagiarism checker which can be used here. The more they understand the risks and consequences of inadvertent (or intentional) plagiarism, the more likely that they will be able to avoid it.

Idroo Basic

If you tutor to online students, then you might find Idroo an invaluable resource. This is a free online whiteboard that makes it much easier to create visual teaching aids that will only be of benefit to your students. There is a paid version of this site, but the free option is perfectly viable for tutoring at any level. Not only do you get access to the same tools as the premium version, you also get storage space and a variety of templates to use as well.


Never underestimate the use and value of YouTube when it comes to providing learning resources for your students. No matter the skill level, the age of your students, or the subject matter you are teaching, YouTube will have a learning video available to suit. Some tutors make the mistake of incorporating long YouTube videos into their actual lessons, but this should be avoided. Instead, find the best videos that your students can watch as homework options, as this can improve their knowledge and skills, meaning that they bring what they have learned to your next class.

The best thing about being a tutor in the digital age is that you will never run short of resources or materials. With a plethora of available tools and advice on how to be a more effective tutor, looking online could be the best way to provide a better education experience for all of your classes.