All educational institutions unanimously agree that your application essay is of considerable importance in deciding whether you get a place or not. But how to impress the admission committee? Well, Read on. 

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Put Yourself in Admission Committee Member’s Shoes

Think from the point of view of an educated educator who is already bored with reading so many essays with exaggerated claims, elaborate sentences, and outright pleading. There is no point in being one among them. A better strategy is to find out what an admission committee member will consider impressive. That is what I did when I had to order a write for me service. 

Appear Realistic 

Yes, this is a wise idea. When so many people write superficial claims that are outright boring, being modest will give you a mature look. Remember, appearing realistic does not mean revealing all your inabilities and deficiencies. It simply means crafting a paper that looks mature, not emotionally charged with the eagerness to get into the college. In simple terms, your application essay should not exhibit your desperation in any way. 

Reflect Yourself

What I mean to say is that your application essay should reveal you’re true self to the reader. Most students write essays that look peripheral which hide the students’ true self instead of revealing it. Though this is not intentionally done, it happens because students tend to be too conscious about their language while writing the admission essay. A popular misconception is that normal vocabulary does not impress the admission committee, so students often try to use words and phrases that are different, and end up writing a piece of prose that looks awkward. In fact, your admission essay is no place for experimentation, and it is suicidal to use words or phrases that are alien to your repertoire. It is a good idea to visit Purdue Writing Lab to learn more about the dynamics of disciplined writing. 

No Flattery, Please 

I have seen students writing elaborately on the achievements of the college in the effort to please the admission officers. But what is the sense in doing that? Do you think they are unaware of those achievements? Overdoing this will make your essay look childish. Instead, writing minimally only to indicate that you are aware of the college’s greatness will help to give your admission a better image. 


Yes, many students dream of having the admission officers laugh hilariously, reading their unique jokes, and show the green card reflexively. But does that happen in actuality? Highly unlikely. The primary reason is the age difference between you and the admission officers. The vehement effort to tickle their mature funny bones with your high school jokes cans spillover, making the admission officers feel that you take the admission essay too lightly or that you are trying to show yourself intellectually as developed as the admission committee itself. Isn’t that dangerous? Well, Plato (maybe Aristotle) says that humor comes from a feeling of intellectual superiority. So, if you have a natural sense of humor that meets the minimum standards, let it flow naturally, but its success lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beware!

Don’t Ignore Proofreading 

What I observed (from my own life) is that students feel lazy to go through what they have written, spending much time and energy. It often happens to me that I feel too confident about what I write that I do not like to read that again. However, good proofreading amounts to half of the work, and ignoring this will cause unimaginable damage. When you write admission essay, spend enough time proofreading. The important points you should consider while proofreading is spelling, grammar, punctuation, cohesion, and coherence. Finally, match your essay against the requirements to see that it perfectly fits the situation. 

Don’t Hesitate to Seek Help

Yes, your admission essay has a great role in deciding what you become, so it requires your maximum attention. In such a situation, it is always a wise idea to seek the help of experts in the field to write the essay because not all people are blessed with good writing skills. I had professional essay writing services write my essay for me many times for various reasons, ranging from lack of idea, time, and confidence. The message is, know your capabilities, and act wisely: that is what admission officers exactly look for; how wise you are!

A good place to know more about writing admission essays is the website of the College Board, a not-for-profit organization that  brings together more than 6,000 leading higher educational institutions in the world. It contains valuable information on what colleges expect in an admission essay.  Altogether, admission essays are a way for the admission committee to assess the range of intellectual and emotional maturity that you have achieved and how effectively you manage to convey the same to the admission committee. This realization will help you write an outstanding admission essay.