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Summer Blogs for Parents & Teachers

Written By: Mrs. Price’s Kindergators (Elementary Teachers are Great Tutors, Kindergarten Teachers are Amazing & Top 50 Elementary Teachers on twitter! Check out Kindergarten Letter of the Week page.

Summer, a time where we can relax and have fun! A time when there is no school and the kids are home, and after two weeks are saying, I am bored! Here is a list of some things you can do with your kids this summer to keep their brains thinking and their bodies going!

A = Arts: Look into the local play house, there are usually some fun children’s plays available

B = Brain Breaks: Go Noodle has a great site that teachers use in the classroom that you can use at home. These are energizers and the kids love them. Great for a Rainy Day.

C = Cards: playing cards are great to keep their math skills alive- addition, subtraction, greater than, less than

D = Drawing: have them draw to keep those artistic juices alive

E = Exercise: take a walk, ride your bikes, get outside. While on a walk or a ride, talk about what they see, hear, just talk to them!

F = Fun: enjoy your kids, play board games, play miniature golf,


G = GoNoodle: Take a brain break with your kids – join Camp GoNoodle!

H = Hula Hooping: Good old fashioned fun and kids love it!

I = Ice cream: Go enjoy this cold treat with your kids and talk to them.

J = Just: Just spend time with them!

K = Kites: Fly kites, either buy them or make one with your kids

L = Learn: Learn something new with your child- do something you have never done before.

M = Math: Make math fun, incorporate it in everyday tasks

N = Newspaper: Write a summer family newspaper. Have your kids be reporters and write about things that you do or they do.

O = Overnight: Have an overnight camping party with your kids- set up camp in the living room, back yard or a basement- tell stories, have snacks!

P = Play: Play with them!

Q = Quiet Time: Quiet time with a good book!

R = Read: Read to them and then have them read to you. Read while they are reading!

S = Sunshine: go outside, walk, run, bike, read, swim, DO ANYTHING!

T = Together: Find an activity that you can do together- ceramics, baseball, anything together

U =Unique: Remember all children are unique, ask what they want to do, they may surprise you

V = Value: go over the value of the coins, how much are they worth, what do you have if you have 3 dimes and 2 nickels? Just practice! If they are too young review numbers and how much do they represent.

W = Wish list: make a wish list together of all the things you would like to do this summer and then start doing them!

X = eXplore: go out and explore together!

Y = Yoga: GoNoodle has some great Yoga breaks on there or you can go to the gym and take classes.

Z = Zoo: research the different animals before you go. Learn about them and then go to the Zoo.