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Technology plays a critical role in today’s education system. It helps the students gain improved knowledge that they might not usually gather from traditional classroom teaching. It facilitates e-learning, which is basically learning with the help of electronic resources or any kind of technological devices. E-learning can be done through any modern technological device that goes above the reach of traditional classrooms.

How Technology enhances Learning Experience

With the use of technology, we can advance our learning methods from simple chalk-duster teaching and can enable students to learn within the familiar atmosphere of their homes or any other place.

Even when a person has to learn from a teacher that is far away from them, like in long-distance learning, technology can facilitate an efficient connection between the two and enable the flow of resources and information.

  • You can learn from anywhere in the world with a simple tap of your fingers. You do not need to travel miles away for a coaching or tuition center to get on with your learning process. This even gives working professionals or homeworkers the chance to teach themselves any skill or gain any knowledge or work a course even if they have to stay at home for the same. E-learning is rapidly becoming an essential resource for people of all ages.
  • There is substantial content more than anyone textbook can handle via online courses or online books. The material provided online can be in the form of informative videos, presentations, images or gifs. These audio-visual aids can help the student understand the concepts way better than any standard lesson procedures.
  • A smartboard can be drawn on just like any blackboard, and you can get so much more with the former. You can show the students essential infographics and give immediate practical examples that you can make graphs or charts for. There is so much information on a smartboard where you create holographs or some 3D adaptations to make sure students get the best understanding of what is being taught.

For example, if someone is teaching students about robot technology and if the students want to grow up and build their own robots then creating videos on how to build those kinds of robots or showing holographs about the structure and integral design that goes into making a machine can help the students better understand and figure out what resources they will need to start, know how the material looks and where everything fits in.

If we want this generation to progress forward and to update itself much like the previous generations, then we must move ahead of our standard education system and pay attention to the crucial role of technology. It is a pure thought or idea that sprouts in a student’s mind that can become a great invention one day. We need to realize this and make sure we make proper use of the correct technology to improve student learning.

  • With technology, a single student can do a course for drawing, coding, and design altogether and put these skills together to make animation pieces or some short film or synthetic robot which can be more advanced than the previous tech we have. The logic is simple if we need to get more technology or advancement in life, we need to use the existent tech to benefit us otherwise our students will never think differently.
  • It will also stop the unhealthy trend of tuition culture where students are taught how to memorize concepts just to pass in exams. Such kind of institutes just doles out robots in the form of humans, who cannot have any independent thought other than exams or placements. A student needs to think freely and let his imagination flow to rise above the normalcy and see the things he can change in the world, and that precisely is an invention.
  • Even for exam preparation like IAS,IES, you can use e-learning, where you can take online tests or go through previous year paper which will help you better understand how the exam procedure and the paper pattern will be. All you need is an internet connection, and you will have the whole world of teaching at your service.
  • E-learning also facilitates easy learning as there are tried and tested methods of jotting down concepts into precise points instead of coping through huge textbooks and moving away from the primary idea.

Technology can even enable mobile learning where the teachers and students can interact with devices; post lecture notes, project papers online and talk on a regular basis to clear out doubts. What we need is a subtle yet substantial switch to more technologically advanced educational institutions. It should, in fact, be made compulsory to have specific resources in every school or college. Even exam procedures need to be changed in this manner.

Author Bio: Jim Smith