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I was given the activity from a colleague, so I do not have the exact source. I have made a few minor adjustments to the directions. It is one of my favorite activities to complete when the environment is right. (During a lunch period, with bells and students passing it is very difficult to complete.)
In some cases the entire class has been put to sleep, which is the goal of the activity.
Title: All Aboard

  1. Demonstrate fantasy as a method of altering consciousness
  2. To define consciousness
  3. To define altered consciousness

Brief Description: Students are taken on a guided fantasy trip that will encourage sleep. Pertinent discussion questions help them to analyze the trip in terms of altering consciousness.
Materials Needed: A quiet undisturbed room
Time: 40 minutes
Instructions to teacher: Tell the class you will be taking them on a fantasy trip. All distractions must be eliminated. Cell phones should be turned off or put in a closet. Place a sign on the door, perhaps instruct late students to go to the library. Sudden noises will destroy the activity, so take as many precautions as possible to have a completely quiet environment for this activity. Turn off the lights, creating the darkest classroom possible.
Read to the class:
We are going to a fantasy journey. Please relax and clear off your desk. Your job is to relax, listen quietly, put everything out of your mind, and close your eyes. Listen to what I have to say. Try to envision the scenes I describe. Be vivid in your images, when you are asked envision something or be something, use great detail.
Do not look up or look around. Many of you may fall asleep, if you do not simply rest peacefully and enjoy some quiet alone time. Here we go!
“You are on a country road. The road is dusty. It has many soft grooves. You walk along slowly. It feels very warm, and you wish you could find a stream. There is a slight breeze and you hear the maple trees and tall dry weeds gently rustling in the wind. The leaves sound like an orchestra, and you feel like capturing every note of the beautiful music you are hearing.
Then you notice a meadow full of brightly colored flowers. Thousands of flowers. It makes you feel like running, running, running. You do. You run through the beautiful flowers, your hair gently blowing, bouncing in the wind.  All of a sudden, you get the urge to stop and smell the flowers. You stop, gently take a flower in your hand, bend down and put the flower under your nostrils. You breathe in slowly many times, trying to savor the aroma and remember it forever. You notice a little toad hopping through the meadow. He’s cute and you wish you could strike up a conversation. You bend down and say, “Hi Mr. Toad. Hope you are having a good day.” You begin running again. You run, run, run. You have been so intent in observing the beauty and aroma of the flowers, the wind blowing through your hair, and the sun on your back that you don’t notice the forest just beyond.
Then everything changes. You are in the forest. The birds are singing beautiful songs. Their singing is in harmony, no there answering each other. You can’t decide what they are doing, but the sounds are magnificent. You turn around and look at the meadow – the bright yellow flowers shining in the sun – and simultaneously experience the music of the birds. The temperature has changed. The coolness of the forest has brought much relief. The sounds have been so enthralling, you didn’t notice the babbling brook, and you become conscious, once again of your thirst. You approach the stream. The banks are covered with moss in many shades of greens. It seems to form a soft thick carpet. You lie down on the carpet of moss, cup your hands, and slowly encase some of the water in your hands and bring it to your mouth. The ice-cold, clear water wets your parched lips and dry mouth. You drink and drink, realizing water has never tasted so good. You splash some water on your face. You feel refreshed. The moss feels so soft and lush. You come to a sitting position, take off you shoes and wiggle your toes in the carpet of green moss.
Then you observe a bird perched on a low tree limb over the stream. It looks so happy, so free. You’d like to be a bird. Take a minute and become that bird. (Silence! Be silent for at least one minute. Remain silent a little longer if all a resting quietly. Give simple visual cues to any student who raises their head) The smell of the cedar trees, the melodious songs of the birds, the movement of the stream, all of the beauty of the forest seems so intoxicating.
You get up and begin walking further into the forest. You try to savor, to drink in the smells, sights, and sounds. You want to become the forest! You close your eyes and become the forest; feel the feelings of the forest. (Silence! Again at least a minute if not 2 – 3 minutes)
As you continue walking, you come to a stone wall. It’s twenty feet high. It extends as far as you can see in both directions. This is a problem. You stop and take a look at the wall…… Please silently continue this journey on your own!”
With any luck, many of the students will be asleep.

Activity questions

Altered States of consciousness: ALL ABOARD!
We are going to complete an activity where you will have the opportunity to SLEEP IN SCHOOL – how cool! (Hey, that rhymes.) I will read you a story where you will be asked to envision the scenes that are being read to you. At various points, I will pause. Use your imagination to continue the journey. After a few pauses, you will be asked to continue the journey. RELAX and have fun. There have been some great journeys in past classes.
Pre-Activity question

  1. Describe a time you experienced an altered state of consciousness. If possible focus on a vivid dream or a time you were under anesthesia or on medication. Please be a detailed as possible.

Upon waking up answer the questions on the other side. Do not look at the questions until your journey is complete.
Post-Activity Questions (on other side of paper)
Answer the following questions. Be descriptive and detailed in your writing.

  1. Describe what it felt like to be a bird. What did you see? Where did you go? If you flew, how did it feel to be flying?
  2. Describe what it felt like to be the forest. What did it feel like? Did you become a tree? Be descriptive.
  3. Describe the remainder of your journey. What did you do when you reached the wall? Did you get to the other side? How did you get there? What was on the other side? Describe the remainder of the journey in detail. (Did you ever see the toad again?) OR

If you drifted into your own dream / fantasy, describe it in detail.
Sign for the door. Make a full page!