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Gift ideas for teachers:

  1. A sincere thank you note from a child and / or parent.
  2. A Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks gift card.
  3. A Barnes & Noble or other book store gift card.
  4. A Willow Tree “With Love” figurine or “Love of Learning” figurine.
  5. An Amazon gift certificate.
  6. A gift basket.
  7. The New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons.
  8. Hand sanitizer.
  9. A coffee mug.
  10. Movie passes.
  11. Chocolates.
  12. Edible arrangements.
  13. A tote bag.
  14. Earrings.
  15. School supplies.
  16. A scrapbook of the year.
  17. A book for the classroom library.
  18. A donation to a charity.
  19. Personalized stationary.
  20. Classroom learning toys.
  21. Volunteer time to help with the end of the year classroom clean-up.
  22. A picture of the class with student signatures.
  23. A classroom set of bookmarks.
  24. Grading stamps.
  25. Stickers.
  26. A personalized clip board.
  27. A motivational wall calendar.
  28. A personal journal.
  29. Flowers or a plant.
  30. A gift certificate to a local spa.