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Ontology is the study of being. According to ontological coaching is a discipline where one gets to study the emergence of new possibilities in the personal or professional life of an individual or group. You achieve this by making them aware of their participation in the construction and co-creation of the reality they perceive. Ontological coaching addresses concerns for more effective action, while addressing the issues left out of our learning practices.

The discipline represents a new understanding of humans and human interactions. It’s dangerous when coaching is practiced by under qualified personnel. Ontological coaching should help you overcome shortcomings that have been established during the study period.

  • Solve a problem and improve skills

Considering you will be under study, you need results from it. How do you research on something and not address the findings? It’s only fair that after all the time you invested in it, it should bear you fruits, and make you a better person in the process. All the behavior patterns studied should leave you in a better position to solve problems; this is because it will bring a different approach to ideas. While you’re solving the problem, you’re definitely improving your skills as a being. 

  • Relationship and awareness

Human behavior pattern and emotions are put to study under ontological coaching. If you implement the solutions given from the coaching, you will have a better understanding of everyone; from your coworkers to family members. Having ontological coaching in Singapore has brought a healthy relationship between communities, and even the government. This will build a stronger bond that will result in a better relationship between you and them. Awareness will bring you at per with other people. You become aware of every type of emotion displayed by other beings. 

  • Confidence and communication skills

Assume you had esteem issues that no one had ever addressed. Thanks to ontological coaching, you will notice them. Knowing your shortcomings is one thing, and developing an interest to change them is another. The coaching will raise your confidence to a new level. This will result in high self-esteem, since you appreciate your wellbeing. As you mend the ribbon in other areas, you get to work and also improve on your language; whether verbal communication, or body language. The truth is your body language can send wrong information which can result in people perceiving you differently. 

  • Effective and ability

Ontological coaching will transform you to be more effective and assertive in dealing with people. Assertiveness will be because of the level of confidence developed and acquired. You get assurance on how to deal with other people effectively. You will also develop skills and abilities you always underestimated, or never thought you had.

  • Adaptability and stress

Change is as good as a rest. You will never have difficulties adapting to any new environment, or in this case human character. You will be flexible to anything; whether fellow coworkers, or friends. You will be ready to modify or adjust yourself to the circumstances. Whilst this modification is going on, you also lower your stress levels.