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Holiday Jokes for Kids

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Super Hero Jokes

  1. What does Diana wear on a date?… A Wonder Bra
  2. What did Wonder Woman say to Spider Man?… “Don’t bug me.”
  3. What does Wonder Woman have for lunch?… A sandwich, on “Wonder” bread.
  4. What is Wonder Womans favorite part of a joke? A: The “punch” line!
  5. Why did Wonder Woman refuse to date Mr. Freeze?… He gave her the cold shoulder. (Winter Jokes)
  6. What is Wonder Woman’s favorite book?… Alice in Wonderland! (Book Jokes)
  7. What is Wonder Woman’s favorite drink?… Fruit punch!
  8. Why did Wonder Woman stop checking her email?… Her inbox was loaded with Spamazons.
  9. What does Wonder Woman use for toast?… “Wonder” bread.


  1. What do you call it when Wonder Woman breaks wind?… An invisible “jet.”