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Funny Jokes for Each MonthJokes for Kids A – ZSports Jokes A-Z

  1. What is a superhero’s favorite part of the joke?… The “punch” line! (101 Sports Jokes)
  2. Where’s Spiderman’s home page?… On the world wide web.
  3. What’s the difference between Batman and a robber?… Batman can go into a store without robin!!
  4. When did Anakin Skywalker become evil?… In the sith grade! (Star Wars Jokes for Kids)
  5. What is Doc Ock’s favorite month?… Ock-tober. (October Jokes)
  6. What is Spider-Man’s favorite month?… Web-ruary. (February Jokes)
  7. What is Thor’s favorite food?… Thor-tillas (Cinco De May Jokes)
  8. What is a superhero’s favorite drink?… Fruit punch!
  9. What position did Bruce Wayne play on his little-league team?… He was the bat-boy.
  10. How does Batman’s mother call him to dinner?… (tune of 1960’s theme) Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman!!!
  11. Why did Bruce’s date go badly?… Because he has BAT breath!
  12. What do you get if you cross the man of steel with a hot vegetable broth?… Souperman!  Q
  13. “What did Doc Ock drive to the bank?”… “An armoured car!”
  14. What superhero uses public transportation?.. Bus Lightyear!