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Click on the link for the top jokes for each summer olympic sport! (US Olympic twitter accounts) #1 Sports Jokes

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  5. USA Beach Volleyball: Top Beach Volleyball Jokes
  6. USA Bowling: Top Bowling Jokes
  7. USA Boxing: Top Boxing Jokes
  8. USA Canoe / Kayak: Top Canoe Jokes & Top Kayak Jokes
  9. USA Cycling: Top Cycling Jokes
  10. USA Diving: Top Diving Jokes
  11. USA Equestrian: Top Equestrian Jokes
  12. USA Fencing: Top Fencing Jokes
  13. USA Field Hockey:Top Field Hockey Jokes
  14. USA Golf Top Golf Jokes@USAGolf
  15. USA Gymnastics Top Gymnastics Jokes
  16. USA Handball Top Handball Jokes
  17. USA Judo Top Judo Jokes
  18. USA Karate Top Karate Jokes
  19. Top Marathon Jokes
  20. USA Modern Pentathlon Top Pentathlon Jokes
  21. USA Racquetball Top Racquetball Jokes
  22. USA Roller Sports: Top Roller Sports Jokes
  23. USA Rowing: Top Rowing Jokes
  24. USA Rugby (7s): Top Rugby Jokes
  25. USA sailing: Top Sailing Jokes
  26. USA shooting: Sorry No Top Shooting Jokes
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  28. USA Swimming: Top Swimming Jokes
  29. ASA / USA Softball: Top Softball Jokes
  30. US Squash@USSQUASH Top Squash Jokes
  31. USA synchronized Swimming: Top Swimming Jokes
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  34. USA Tennis: Top Tennis Jokes
  35. US Track and Field: Top Track and Field Jokes
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