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Author Bio: Monica-Brady Myerov: Monica Brady-Myerov is a 25-year veteran public radio journalist and the founder and CEO of Listen Current. Before founding Listen Current, she was Senior Reporter and Assistant Managing Editor at WBUR in Boston and her reports have been heard on NPRMarketplace and numerous other outlets nationally and internationally.

All school year we at Listen Current curate the best public radio stories for the classroom. They are great for helping kids see the relevance of what they’re learning as well as building literacy skills in struggling students.

Summer tutoring is a great time to try something new! So we’re offering all tutors and teachers FREE summer access to our Premium version through our Summer of Listening program.

Get started with our summer listening list- built to be interesting, inspiring and thought provoking. You can also explore any of the Current EventsELASocial Studies or Science stories on our site.

The Best

Story about an author: Lois Lowery and the Giver

Story about a scientist: A Scientist’s Discovery about the Universe

Story about a significant person in history: Marian Anderson and Segregation

Story that will make you think about the world: Unrest in Baltimore

Voices from the past:

Japanese Internment During World War II
The Dust Bowl

Debate worthy stories:
Should College Athletes Get Paid?
Are Models Too Thin?

Stories that make you want to cry:
Giving Away a Kidney
Kindness: A New Mother

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