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Our goal is to be a great resource for families, especially parents looking for tutors. The summer can be a great time for learning outside the classroom. Here are some ideas for great family fun this summer.
We also have some ideas for Massachusetts Family Fun!


  1. June 21st: Celebrate the Summer Solstice!
  2. June 28th: Participate in The Great American Backyard Campout: June 28, 2014

Summer Time

  1. Visit a one on the many U.S. National Parks: “Experience Your America!”
  2. Go for a swim at the beach, lake, pond, pool, or river.
  3. Visit an Aquarium. Here is a list of aquariums by state. (Visit the New England Aquarium.)
  4. Visit a Zoo! Check out Zoos in the USA to find one near you!
  5. Participate in a National Audubon Society: The original tweeters!
  6. Get an Ice Cream!
  7. Have a squirt gun fight!
  8. Have a water ballon fight!
  9. Attend a 4th of July Parade!
  10. Have a family / neighborhood cookout!
  11. Put up an above ground pool.
  12. Go on vacation.
  13. Watch a baseball game.