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Summer Camp Jokes for Kids

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For many foreign teenagers 16+ years a new stage in immersion in English culture and language is a trip to a summer camp in UK. This can be especially useful for those who plan to start studying at an English boarding school or college in the future. Attending a language camp or English courses in summer camps UK is definitely a rewarding and exciting activity.

Summer camps for teenagers are located in different UK cities, including London and are held mainly on the campuses of universities and boarding schools in England, where accommodation is organized in a residence with full board meals, English classes, and an extensive leisure program. There are English courses for teenagers 16+ with family accommodation. In language camps, children are accommodated according to age, and in English classes they are also assigned to groups according to their level of language skills. In English camps, children are supervised by qualified staff and counselors.

Children not only gain strong and confident command of English, but also broaden their horizons, develop intelligence, completely remove the language barrier, and also get a serious advantage over their peers in their knowledge of the English language.

TOP-8 best summer camps in UK for teenagers 16+

Camp Kernow

This is the only British summer camp of its kind that does not use classically derived electricity. The camp uses solar energy and biomass energy, children live in tents, yurts and wigwams, learn to independently obtain and prepare food. The camp is spread over 280 acres of Cornwall’s most beautiful forests.

The activities are surprisingly varied, from teaching rock climbing techniques to kayaking, orienteering, walks to the habitats of bats, kayaking and archery. There are chances to try traditional crafts like woodworking and forging with a local blacksmith.

First meeting of young campers usually takes place in London, but many parents personally take their children to the camp, and then go to the eco-camp for adults – the luxury Scarlet hotel on the Atlantic coast.

PGL Surrey, Marchants Hill Tilford Rd, Hindhead.

It is one of the most popular classic weekly multidisciplinary camps. Here teenagers will experience all the charm of life outside the parental home: an exciting mix of dancing, photography, sports, quad biking and much more. 

The Outward Bound Trust, Aberdovey Gwynedd, Surrey.

The locations chosen for the adventure hikes are so beautiful that even parents will envy. There are options for weekly scenic hikes and 19-day treks on some of the most stunning trails. During the journey, teenagers will spend the day hiking through the amazing, unexplored mass tourists, the regions of Wales and Scotland, and the night under the stars by the fire with interesting stories and new friends.

Firetech, St Johns School Epsom Rd, Leatherhead.

With hours of entertainment, young tech enthusiasts can learn about Python and Java programming, robotics, digital photography, virtual reality, video game design, and more.

Fire Tech courses focus on getting kids to take their first steps from technology consumers to creators. Students receive information from experienced faculty members from leading UK universities including Cambridge and Imperial College. This activity is available at St. John’s School Day Camp in Leatherhead, as well as at Wycombe Abbey, Ardingley College and Lansing College.

Camp wilderness, Hatfield Woods Mangrove Lane, Hertford.

Safari-style campgrounds, where the only source of lighting and heating is a self-produced fire. And the ability to have a roof over your head in the forest is directly related to the construction of huts. Plus barbecues on an open fire, river rafting, collecting garbage in the woods to clean up, playing cricket – these are just some of the activities that are held within the framework of a two, three or five day camp. There are also campgrounds near Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Kent.

XUK, Abberley Hall School, Worcester.

The camp has existed for 20 years and today it is visited by more than 170 guests per week. XUK is based at the multidisciplinary center at New Eccles Hall School in Norfolk. Activities here include scuba diving and quad biking, trips to theme parks and musicals in London. There is even training in driving a car! This camp is popular with foreign children. This year, XUK is opening a specialty camp in Wales with courses in arts, sports, water and forest adventures, photography and film.

Camp cooper, Ardvreck School, Crieff, Glasgow.

The founders of Camp Cooper spent 10 years at a summer camp in Massachusetts during their teenage years, and now they have brought all the traditional elements of the United States to Scotland: songs in the cafeteria, evening gatherings around the fires with intimate conversations and chants, military training competitions, construction huts and shelters from the weather. And the main goal of all these activities is to create friendly relations between children and the acquisition of basic life skills. Most choose the two-week accommodation option. Accommodation in rooms for 8-10 children of the same age and gender also contributes to the establishment of a friendly atmosphere and strong bonds in the future.

A variety of leisure activities are available on site – sports and outdoor competitions, art, music, mountain biking, tennis, filmmaking, journalism, dance, drama, and many evening special events.

Wickedly wonderful, West Wittering, West Wittering.

Camping on the beach is the dream of any active child. All possible sea sports, pony riding, crab hunting, building sand castles and much more are waiting for the camper. The camp is distinguished by delicious lunches and dinners in the fresh sea air. And, which is important enough for adherents of a healthy diet, except for fried marshmallows and chocolate-covered bananas by the fire, any other sweets are prohibited. Groups are formed of 12 people, taking into account the age and previously established friendships. Only 30-50 people rest at the camp every week.