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As a student, you probably have lots of tasks to solve. You have planned activities, holidays, and experiences with friends. But you have to complete your academic assignments too. It would be ideal to manage to do them all, but the time you have in a day is limited. 

However, you could work on boosting your productivity, so that you become more proficient at what you have to do. Usually, students are distracted by all kinds of things when they do their homework. But with these tips and tricks, you can increase your productivity. 

Make A Schedule 

One of the most important things you need to apply is making a schedule. This is essential as it helps you organize your time efficiently and use it wisely. You could make a list of the urgent things you have to complete. This way, you know what tasks to start with. At first, it might be challenging to approximate the time it will take you to complete a task so that you could make your schedule as accurate as possible. 

But you could track the time you spend doing a task and use it as a future reference. Depending on the task you have to complete, the time might be distinct. Writing from scratch an essay will surely take you more time than to check paper for plagiarism, for example. As a college student, you learn and boost your knowledge, but you improve your skills too. And you do this by completing your tasks and getting involved in the process. 

Keep Distractions Away 

A lot of students are not aware of the fact that they keep a lot of distractions in their environment. And to achieve productivity, you would want to keep them away. Distractions can take many forms and identifying them is the first step you should begin with. Maybe you keep unused tabs. Maybe you keep your phone near you always when you work. Maybe your colleagues disturb you when you read or study. 

It is important to identify what distracts you and to keep it away while you are studying.  For example, you could put your phone on silent and away from you, so that you won’t see the notifications that distract you. You could ask your colleagues and family members to not disturb you while you work. 

Take Breaks 

Many students imagine that studying means giving it all and not losing time. This is true, but many of them consider breaks as a loss of time. Which is not exactly true. Getting an education, indeed, comes with challenges. You need to invest time into completing academic tasks and studying to graduate and get good grades. 

But your brain is not wired to stay focused for 8 hours straight or more. You need to take regular breaks so that you could return to your tasks with a fresher perspective. Find your own schedule and adapt it to your needs and tasks, but do not forget to include breaks too. You can use the Pomodoro technique or you can adapt it depending on your schedule. 

Sleeping Enough 

The tips and tricks on this list might seem simple, but they are the most effective of all. Achieving maximum productivity is not a dream, but a journey. And along it, you discover a lot about yourself, your needs, and what you have to do to be productive and achieve success. 

Sleeping enough is one of the habits you need to implement in your student schedule. A lot of students are night owls or pull all-nighters to be able to study, read or complete their academic tasks. Sleep deprivation comes with a lot of negative consequences such as tiredness, exhaustion, irritability, and many more. It is crucial to get enough sleep so that you can focus better and your memory and mind function properly. 

Final Thoughts 

Looking for ways to boost your productivity and be more proficient as a student? There are a few tips and tricks you could put to practice. Make sure you make a schedule, keep distractions away, and take breaks. Get enough sleep, as this will help you focus better and be more productive. 

Bio lines: Robert Everett is a content writer and blogger. He usually writes on topics such as productivity, time management, and motivation. Robert loves reading self-help books.

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