(Strawberry Jokes)

  1. What did the strawberry say when a viewer said it was a beautiful full moon?… Then you berry much. (Strawberry Moon Jokes)
  2. What did the strawberry say when he was given a gift?… Then you berry much.
  3. What made the strawberry such a smoothie?… Yogurt!
  4. Who scared the Strawberry Moon?… The booberry. (Strawberry Moon Jokes & Ghost Jokes)
  5. Who scared the strawberry?… The booberry. (Strawberry Moon Jokes & Ghost Jokes)
  6. What do you call a sad strawberry?…A blueberry.
  7. Why did the Strawberry Moon go out with the fig?… Because he couldn’t find a date. (Strawberry Moon Jokes)
  8. Why did the strawberry go out with the fig?… Because he couldn’t find a date. (Strawberry Moon Jokes)
  9. How did the unripe strawberry feel about the ripe strawberry?… It was green with envy.
  10. What do you throw a drowning strawberry?… A strawberry preserver.
  11. Why was the Strawberry Moon upset?… Because it was in a jam. (Strawberry Moon Jokes)
  12. Why wouldn’t anyone ask the strawberry to the prom? It was past her sell by date. (Prom Jokes)
  13. What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry?… you weren’t so sweet, we wouldn’t be in this jam.
  14. Where do they make strawberries?… The strawberry plant.
  15. Why did everyone like the Strawberry Moon so much?… Because it was so sweet. (Strawberry Moon Jokes)
  16. Why did everyone like the strawberry so much?… Because it was so sweet.
  17. What did the woman say to her dog, Berry, after he ripped up her fruit garden… That’s the final straw berry! (Dog Jokes)
  18. What do you call strawberries playing the guitar?… A jam session. (Guitar Jokes & 365 Music Jokes)
  19. What did the strawberry say to the bird?… Nothing. Strawberries can’t talk. (Bird Jokes)
  20. What is a turkey’s favorite dessert?… Strawberry gobbler.
  21. What do you do if you see a blue strawberry?… Try to cheer it up.
  22. What did the strawberry tart say to the pecan pie?… You’re Nuts!
  23. What did the apple say to the green strawberry?… You don’t look like you’re feeling so good.
  24. What do you call a strawberry that uses foul language?… Berry Rude.
  25. Why wouldn’t Winnie the Pooh eat the strawberries?… He was already stuffed.
  26. What job did the daddy strawberry get in the circus?… He was the straw-ng man
  27. Who led all the strawberries to the bakery?… The Pie Piper
  28. Why was the strawberry afraid of the cream?… The cream went bad.
  29. What do you get when you cross a train engine with a strawberry tart?… Puff pastry.
  30. Why did the man eat strawberries at the bank?… He wanted to eat rich food.
  31. Who was the best rock and roll strawberry?… Chuck Berry. (Guitar Jokes & 365 Music Jokes)
  32. What’s the best thing to put in a strawberry pie?… Your teeth!
  33. How do you make an strawberry turnover?… Push it down a hill.
  34. Where does Paul McCartney get his favorite fruit?… Strawberry fields. (365 Music Jokes)
  35. How many grams of protein are in a strawberry pi?… 3.14159265
  36. Why couldn’t anyone find the dog’s bone?… He berried it.
  37. What is red and goes up and down?… A strawberry in an elevator.
  38. Why was the strawberry so good at running races?… He was always juiced up and ready to go.
  39. How did the innocent blueberry get framed for the crime?… The evidence was a strawberry plant.
  40. What do you call a sad strawberry?… A blueberry.
  41. How do you fix a strawberry?… With a strawberry patch.
  42. Why did the strawberry get so many Valentines?… Because it was really sweet.
  43. Why don’t strawberries drive?…. They always get into a traffic jam.
  44. How do you make a Strawberry shake?… A: Put it into the freezer.
  45. Why did the strawberry turn red?… Because they saw the salad dressing.
  46. Why was the strawberry so good as a reporter?… A: He always had fruitful discussions.
  47. How did the fruit basket get across the lake?… The strawferry.
  48. What did the fruit pirate wear over his eye?… A strawberry patch.
  49. Why were the little strawberries upset?… Because their parents were in a jam.
  50. What looks like half a strawberry?… The other half.
  51. Why wasn’t the unripe strawberry named the starter in the football game?… He was too green.
  52. When are strawberries bad for your health?… When you’re the strawberry.
  53. What’s red and is used to write letters?… A ball-point strawberry.
  54. What’s red and always points north?… A magnetic strawberry.
  55. What do strawberries say during the holidays?… Straw-berrrry Christmas.