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Google Search “Top Star Wars Twitter Accounts”

Followers as of May 4, 2021!

  1. StarWarsinClass @StarWarsinClass (8K followers) 
  2. Star Wars Galaxy @StarWarsGalaxy6 (6K followers)
  3. Samuel L. Jackson @SamuelLJackson (8.9M )
  4. Star Wars @starwars (5M followers)
  5. Mark Hamill @HamillHimself (4.6M followers)
  6. Carrie Fisher @carrieffisher (1M followers)
  7. Star Wars France @StarWarsFR (213K followers)
  8. Billy Dee Williams @realbdw (235K followers)
  9. Star Wars UK @StarWarsUK (147K followers)
  10. @isDARTHVADER (138K followers)
  11. @ADaniels3PO (113K followers)
  12. @ILMVFX
  13. @501stLegion (104K followers)
  14. A Wise Yoda Bot @yodaism (46.2K followers)
  15. Star Wars DE @StarWarsDE (35.4K followers)
  16. Darth Vader No1™ @Darth_VaderNo1 (30.4K followers)
  17. Star Wars Italia @StarWarsIT (24K followers)
  18. Full Of Sith @FullOfSith (15K followers)
  19. Star Wars Fact File @StarWarsFiles (7.2K followers)
  20. Star Wars Command @StarWarsCommand (5K followers)