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Top 10 May Pages / May Hashtag of the Day

Followers as of May 4, 2019!

  1. @SamuelLJackson (7.99M )
  2. @starwars (4.02M followers) The official home of Star Wars on Twitter.
  3. @HamillHimself (3.13M followers) Believe in yourself! Work hard, never give up & anything’s possible! OR: Kick back, relax & aim low: You’ll never be disappointed…
  4. @mcgregor_ewan (1.36M followers)
  5. @carrieffisher (1.09M followers) Instant gratification takes too long. Los Angeles & New York ·
  6. @StarWarsFR (199K followers) Compte Twitter officiel de Star Wars en France. France ·
  7. @realbdw (165K followers) Official Twitter for Billy Dee
  8. @StarWarsLATAM (151K followers) Cuenta oficial de Star Wars para Latinoamérica
  9. @StarWarsUK (147K followers) The official home of Star Wars UK on Twitter. United Kingdom ·
  10. @isDARTHVADER (138K followers) On behalf of Dave and the official Dave Prowse website, thanks to everyone that has followed us over the years. The force is strong with you!
  11. @ADaniels3PO (113K followers) Anthony Daniels’ Official Twitter site twinned with
  12. @ILMVFX (105K followers) Founded by George Lucas in 1975 to create the special effects for Star Wars, ILM has since contributed to nearly 300 films. San Francisco, CA ·
  13. @501stLegion (104K followers) The World’s Definitive Imperial Costuming Organization. We’re the bad guys who do good things. International ·
  14. @StarWarsDE (37.4K followers) Offizielles deutsches Star Wars Profil. Deutschland ·
  15. @StarWarsIT (19.9K followers) Benvenuti nell’account ufficiale di Star Wars Italia su Twitter. Italia ·
  16. @StarWarsinClass (8K followers) A community for educators and fans alike that provides resources and inspiration for teaching and learning with Star Wars. Managed by @ImagineeringEd#GoRogues A Classroom Near You
  17. @StarWarsFiles (8K followers) The Star Wars Fact File is an amazing new work of reference for the world of Star Wars. A galaxy far, far away ·
  18. @StarWarsCommand (5K followers) Star Wars articles, news and events for all the fans.