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Each episode starts with an inspirational quote / lesson. We included the title of the episode and the quote.
May the Force be with you!

  1. Season One Ambush: “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”
  2. Rising Malevolence: “Belief is not a matter of choice, but conviction.”
  3. Shadow of Malevolence: “Easy is the path to wisdom for those not blinded by ego.”
  4. Destroy Malevolence: “A plan is only as good as those who see it through.”
  5. Rookies: “The best confidence builder is experience.”
  6. Downfall of a Droid: “Trust in your friends, and they’ll have reason to trust in you.”
  7. Duel of the Droids: “You hold onto your friends by keeping your heart a little softer than you head.”
  8. Bombad Jedi: “Heroes are made by the times.”
  9. Cloak of Darkness: “Ignore your instincts at your peril.”
  10. Lair of Grievous: “Most powerful is he who controls his own power.”
  11. Dooku Captured: “The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, regardless of how many turns it takes.”
  12. The Gungan General: “Fail with honor rather than succeed with fraud.”
  13. Jedi Crash: “Greed and fear of loss are the roots that lead to the tree of evil.”
  14. Defenders of Peace: “When surrounded by war, one must eventually choose a side.”
  15. Trespass: “Arrogance diminishes wisdom.”
  16. The Hidden Enemy: “Truth enlightens the mind, but won’t always bring happiness to your heart.”
  17. Blue Shadow Virus: “Fear is a disease; hope is its only cure.”
  18. Mystery of a Thousand Moons: “A single chance is a galaxy of hope.”
  19. Storm Over Ryloth: “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”
  20. Innocents of Ryloth: “The costs of war can never be truly accounted for.”
  21. Liberty on Ryloth: “Compromise is a virtue to be cultivated, not a weakness to be despised.”
  22. Hostage Crisis: “A secret shared is a trust formed.”
  23. Season 2 Holocron Heist: “A lesson learned is a lesson earned.”
  24. Cargo of Doom: “Overconfidence is the most dangerous form of carelessness.”
  25. Children of the Force: “The first step to correcting a mistake is patience.”
  26. Senate Spy: “A true heart should never be doubted.”
  27. Landing at Point Rain: “Believe in yourself or no one else will.”
  28. Weapons Factory: “No gift is more precious than trust.”
  29. Legacy of Terror: “Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.”
  30. Brain Invaders: “Attachment is not compassion”
  31. Grievous Intrigue: “For everything you gain, you lose something else.”
  32. The Deserter: “It is the quest for honor that makes one honorable.”
  33. Lightsaber Lost: “Easy isn’t always simple.”
  34. The Mandalore Plot: “If you ignore the past, you jeopardize your future.”
  35. Voyage of Temptation: “Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.”
  36. Duchess of Mandalore: “In war, truth is the first casualty.”
  37. Senate Murders: “Searching for the truth is easy. Accepting the truth is hard.”
  38. Cat and Mouse: “A wise leader knows when to follow.”
  39. Bounty Hunters: “Courage makes heroes, but trust builds friendship.”
  40. The Zillo Beast: “Choose what is right, not what is easy”
  41. The Zillo Beast Strikes Back: “The most dangerous beast is the beast within.”
  42. Death Trap: “Who my father was matters less than my memory of him.”
  43. R2 Come Home: “Adversity is friendship’s truest test.”
  44. Lethal Trackdown: “Revenge is a confession of pain.”
  45. Season Three Clone Cadets: “Brothers in arms are brothers for life.”
  46. ARC Troopers: “Fighting a war tests a soldier’s skills, defending his home tests a soldier’s heart.”
  47. Supply Lines: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
  48. Sphere of Influence: “A child stolen is a lost hope.”
  49. Corruption: “The challenge of hope is to overcome corruption.”
  50. The Academy: “Those who enforce the law must obey the law.”
  51. Assassin: “The future has many paths — choose wisely.”
  52. Evil Plans: “A failure in planning is a plan for failure.”
  53. Hunt for Ziro: “Love comes in all shapes and sizes.”
  54. Heroes on Both Sides: “Fear is a great motivator.”
  55. Pursuit of Peace: “Truth can strike down the specter of fear”
  56. Nightsisters: “The swiftest path to destruction is through vengeance.”
  57. Monster: “Evil is not born, it is taught.”
  58. Witches of the Mist: “The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty.”
  59. Overlords: “Balance is found in the one who faces his guilt.”
  60. Altar of Mortis: “He who surrenders hope, surrenders life.”
  61. Ghosts of Mortis: “He who seeks to control fate shall never find peace.”
  62. The Citadel: “Adaptation is the key to survival.”
  63. Counterattack: “Anything that can go wrong will.”
  64. Citadel Rescue: “Without honor, victory is hollow.”
  65. Padawan Lost: “Without humility, courage is a dangerous game.”
  66. Wookiee Hunt: “A great student is what the teacher hopes to be.”
  67. Season Four Water wars: “When destiny calls, the chosen have no choice.”
  68. Gungan Attack: “Only through fire is a strong sword forged.”
  69. Prisoners: “Crowns are inherited, kingdoms are earned.”
  70. Shadow Warrior: “Who a person truly is cannot be seen with the eye.”
  71. Mercy Mission: “Understanding is honoring the truth beneath the surface.”
  72. Nomad Droids: “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?”
  73. Darkness on Umbara: “The first step toward loyalty is trust.”
  74. The General: “The path of ignorance is guided by fear.”
  75. Plan of Dissent: “The wise man leads, the strong man follows.”
  76. Carnage of Krell: Our actions define our legacy.”
  77. Kidnapped: “Where we are going always reflects where we came from.”
  78. Slaves of the Republic: “Those who enslave others inevitably become slaves themselves.”
  79. Escape from Kadavo: “Great hope can come from small sacrifices.”
  80. A Friend in Need: “Friendship shows us who we really are.”
  81. Deception: “All warfare is based on deception.”
  82. Friends and Enemies: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”
  83. The Box: “The strong survive, the noble overcome.”
  84. Crisis on Naboo: “Trust is the greatest of gifts, but it must be earned.”
  85. Massacre: “One must let go of the past to hold onto the future.”
  86. Bounty: “Who we are never changes, who we think we are does.”
  87. Brothers: “A fallen enemy may rise again, but the reconciled one is truly vanquished.”
  88. Revenge: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
  89. Season Five Revival: “Strength in character can defeat strength in numbers.”
  90. A War on Two Fronts: “Fear is a malleable weapon.”
  91. Front Runners: “To seek something is to believe in its possibility.”
  92. The Soft War: “Struggles often begin and end with the truth.”
  93. Tipping Points: “Disobedience is a demand for change.”
  94. The Gathering: “He who faces himself, finds himself.”
  95. A Test of Strength: “The young are often underestimated.”
  96. Bound for Rescue: “When we rescue others, we rescue ourselves.”
  97. A Necessary Bond: “Choose your enemies wisely, as they may be your last hope.”
  98. Secret Weapons: “Humility is the only defense against humiliation.”
  99. A Sunny Day in the Void: “When all seems hopeless, a true hero gives hope.”
  100. Missing in Action: “A soldier’s most powerful weapon is courage.”
  101. Point of No Return: “You must trust in others or success is impossible.”
  102. Eminence: “One vision can have many interpretations.”
  103. Shades of Reason: “Alliances can stall true intentions.”
  104. The Lawless: “Morality separates heroes from villains.”
  105. Sabotage: “Sometimes even the smallest doubt can shake the greatest belief.”
  106. The Jedi who knew too much: “Courage begins by trusting oneself.”
  107. To catch a Jedi: “Never become desperate enough to trust the untrustworthy.”
  108. The Wrong Jedi: Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem.”