E60 is a show produced by ESPN with some interesting, controversial, and thought provoking video segments about sports and our society. In 2008-2009, I first came across this teaching tool and since then I have tried to categorize the videos based on lesson units. For each segment, there are some notes.
This is a great clip to show at the start of a unit on youth sports.
It is recommended that you view all the segments before showing to a class.

Sperm U (9:19)

Holy cow! Great for discussion about athletics, academics and what we value as a society.

Pre-video discussion questions

What do you know about invitro-fertilization? Are you nervous about medical advances and the selection of gene traits?
PRE-youth sports. Before a child being born a certain level of expectations.
Hope for a college scholarship?
Education vs. physical – Dad’s thoughts / society’s expectations
Sperm donor has 16 offspring all around the country
Sperm bank has audio of donors.
Recruit student-athletes through magazines (UCLA, USC, Standford)
$75 up to 3 times a week $900 a month ( $10,800 a year)
Selby Seims (MA) valedictorian vs. Tom Brady (high school athlete)
Sperm bank could possibly do NFL combine like testing on donors!
Discussion – What are your thoughts?
How would you like to be a child with these expectations? Earn a scholarship before you are born?
Is it wrong for parents to want the best genes for kids?
Invitro-fertilization, donor Dad – what would it be like knowing “YOU” are out there?