My Town Tutors is making a huge commitment to be the #1 tutoring resource for parents and teachers in America. Our motto is “Teachers are great tutors!” Parents love the fact that every teacher in our directory is a teacher! This summer we are expanding to all 50 states!
Read an article that explains why My Town Tutors is becoming the #1 resource for tutoring in America!
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K-12 Tutors: Teachers are great tutors! Find one today! Check out our entire list of US teachers who tutor.
Massachusetts teachers are the best tutors, find one today! Click here for more Massachusetts Family Fun ideasTop Massachusetts High SchoolsTop Massachusetts Colleges, and Top Massachusetts Jokes!
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  1. My Town Tutors: (@mytowntutors / 8.5K followers & @mytowntutorsMA / 4.6K followers) My Town Tutors is the #1 resource for tutoring on the South Shore. My Town Tutors is a national directory of teachers who tutor. Simply enter you zip code to search for local teachers who tutors. For teachers it is easy to register and tutoring is great way to earn up to $5,000 a year. Tutoring is the #1 Summer Job for Teachers!
  2. Children’s Museum of Easton: (@CMEaston / 7.5K followers) Amazing events and learning. Great for rainy days or any day!
  3. WATD(@959WATDFM / 4.4K followers) WATD is your “source for everything on the South Shore.” We feel WATD is the best radio station on the South Shore. It has great DJs, up to the minute weather and traffic, and great shows with local hosts. Sports, weather, news – they have it all. Tune in for Friday night football and basketball with Bill Wilhelm and the crew!
  4. South Shore Living Magazine: (@SSLivingMag / 4.K followers) Excellent magazine profiling some of the top South Shore Businesses, events, and people. The calendar contains many great family activities.
  5. South Shore Chamber of Commerce: (@SSChamber / 3.4K followers)
  6. The South Shore Facebook Page: (@SouthShorePage / 3K followers)
  7. Dalby Farm (Scituate, MA / Find a Scituate Tutor): (@Dalby_Farm / 1.9K followers) This is a great place to learn about animals and nature. There are summer programs, special events, and it is a great place to have a birthday party too!
  8. (@365SouthShore / 1.8K followers) 365 Things To Do on the South Shore (@365SouthShore / 1.8K followers) This websites list some great local activities that are exciting, interesting, and educational for the family.
  9. Old Colony YMCA: (@OldColonyYMCA / 1.8 followers) We love all YMCAs. The offer so many great programs all year long. It is a great option for summer camps and daycare. Blog: YMCA’s Top 5 Family Tips to Battle the Summer Slide
  10. South Shore YMCA: (@ssymca / 1.7K followers) We love allYMCAs. The offer so many great programs all year long. It is a great option for summer camps and child care. Blog: Massachusetts YMCA Summer Literacy Programs Make a Difference
  11. South Shore Natural Science Center(@ssymca / 1.7K followers) The South Science Center has great educational programs all year long. There are great summer camps, youth programs, family programs, adult programs, and special events. It is certainly a place every South Shore family should visit.
  12. South Shore Mamas: (@SouthShoreMamas / 1.7K followers) South Shore Mama’s knows best! This is an amazing resource for everything South Shore! If you are looking for things to do, 4th of July Events (Top 4th of July Jokes), and birthday party ideas! It is an awesome resource! We highly recommend that you bookmark this page!
  13. Plymouth Chamber of Commerce: (@PACC1620 / 1.6K followers)
  14. South Shore Networking Professional Group: (@SSNPG / 1.5K followers)
  15. The South Shore Music Circus: (@SSMusicCircus / 1.3K followers) This a great venue to see world class acts. There is not a bad seat in the house. During the summer, there is are some family friendly afternoon theater productions. Worth checking out!
  16. Friends of Blue Hills: (@FriendBlueHills / 711 followers)
  17. Rockland Athletics: (@RocklandAth / 350 followers) Rockland Athletics Rocks! It is the top resource on the South Shore for t-shirts, sweatshirts, uniforms, almost anything and athletic team or business could need.
  18. Gladly Do: (@GladlyDo / 288 followers) Gladly Do can help you with most any chore! Check them out! Blog: Summer is A Time For Learning, Inside the Classroom & Out
  19. South Shore Habitat for Humanity: (@SSHabitat / 115 followers)