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Before we proceed, it’s a good idea to talk about ready for use free essay examples from WritingBros or sample essays from EssaysDot, for example. It has a great database of essay examples to help you find your inspiration and improve grades. 

For some people, writing an essay comes naturally, but for the rest of us, it is a struggle and most of the time, the result is mediocre at best. Luckily, academic essay writing is a skill like any other and with enough practice, anyone can become good at it. 

Not everyone will become world-renown writers, but they will be able to produce work that is easy ad pleasing to read. If time is of the essence, here are some quick ways to help you see results fast. 

Write an outline

It is important to know what message you want to get across before starting to write. Most beginner writers shoot out of the blocks too quickly and realize three paragraphs into their essays that they do not have anything else to say. 

Writing an outline on your chosen topic will quickly expose the holes in your plan. In academic writing, you should include an introduction, a body with evidence to support your thesis and a conclusion that ties everything together. 

As you write the outline, it will be evident whether the essay writing ideas that you have are something that you can write about or not.   

Sharpen your spelling and grammar

The one thing that can ruin your essay is poor grammar and spelling. It does not matter how good the topic is, if spelling and grammar are poor, it distracts from the content and makes the arguments seem weak. 

Basic grammar is essential to get right, so if it is not your strong suit, then it would be wise to use online spellcheckers. These tools are free to use and can save your essay. Academic writing needs to be written in the active voice. This makes your findings more assertive and stronger. 

Before we proceed, it’s a good idea to talk about ready for use free essay examples from WritingBros. It has a great database of essay examples to help you find your inspiration and improve grades. 

Do some research on the vocab

Academic writing is very niche specific in terms of the vocabulary that is used. How you use language is extremely important, seeing that you want to grab the reader’s attention. What makes academic writing challenging is that the audience is wide. 

People who are experts in a field, as well as lay readers, need to feel intrigued by the message. Simple writing is often the best course of action because the messages are clear. When overly complicated words or phrases are used, there is a greater danger of the reader losing interest as the reading becomes a chore.

Keep the golden thread in mind

In academic writing, there should be a golden thread that can be drawn from the introduction to the conclusion. This golden thread is maintained by keeping the problem statement in mind in every section of the essay. 

Any evidence that is used should be relevant to the problem statement and should support the thesis. It is easy to go on a side trail and mention something that is not entirely relevant, but this detracts from the main purpose of the essay.

Closing with a conclusion

The conclusion is often the part of the essay that gets neglected. Writers often feel that they have already done the hard work in the body of the essay. However, the conclusion seals the deal and takes everything together. 

When an essay is properly constructed, a reader only needs to read the introduction and conclusion to determine what the body was all about. The conclusion is the part that proves your thesis. It should not repeat the introduction, but rather answer the question or address the solution to the problem that was written about. 

This means that it highlights the key pieces of evidence in the body and uses those points to paint a picture. Many essays start great and have compelling arguments in the body, but it fails in taking everything together in the conclusion. 


The most important thing to remember about academic writing is that it becomes easier with time. It is a skill that needs to be developed through practice. The beginning might be slow going, but if you plan it out well and read through it constantly, you will be able to pick up the gaps in the arguments and iron out all the kinks. That professional thesis is closer to complete than you think.

Author’s Bio: Michael Turner is an academic writer having a rich experience of more than a decade in writing thesis, essays, term papers and dissertations. He has also authored some successful books and is currently working on a new novel. In his free time, he loves watching NBA and NHL, reading mystery books and heading to the countryside on weekends.