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Some Reasons Why You Should Consider Building Lean Muscle Mass

Different individuals have different reasons for building lean muscle mass. Many people focus on developing lean muscle mass to become stronger and to gain excellence and proficiency in sports. There are yet, many others who dream about building an enviable physique and become a professional bodybuilder and win various prestigious bodybuilding competitions. There are yet some other individuals who simply desire to maintain fit, healthy, and perfectly-functional bodies. Whatever the reasons, one thing is pretty clear that many people are opting for building lean muscle mass.

More and more people are becoming conscious of the health benefits associated with developing lean muscle mass. It is not required simply for looking incredibly beautiful just like a model; studies have proved that adequate quantities of lean muscle mass seem to be absolutely crucial to a healthy existence on the long-term basis.

Here are some important reasons why you must consider achieving a better body composition and shape.

Lean Muscle Mass Great for Fighting Obesity

Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle, over two-thirds of the American population are regarded as obese or overweight, it is practically impossible for you to not get swayed by advertisements of various products promising weight loss or an innovative workout technique that guarantees substantial weight loss or even a newly-launched super food or supplement that guarantees loss of excess weight. Obesity is triggered by energy imbalance taking place over an extended period of time. Energy intake and energy expenditures are two important factors that determine your body weight. The calories consumed by you must be expended to maintain a fit and healthy body. If the calories are not used up then it would be culminating in obesity. You may have access to the best steroids on the market if you browse the Internet.

Lean muscle mass plays a pivotal role in fighting obesity. You must learn effective ways of maximizing lean muscle gain simply by motivating your body with the right workout regimen and nutrition. You need to focus now on building lean muscle mass instead of just losing fat if you wish to combat obesity.

More Muscles Mean a Boost in the Metabolic Rate

The muscle cells constituting your body would be using energy but the fat cells would be storing energy. So when you gain lean muscle mass, you are boosting the energy requirements of your body. Muscles would be accelerating your metabolic rate that would compel your body to start burning fat.

If you have been desperately trying to lose excess body fat but have been unsuccessful so far, you may consider performing a strength training program. Thanks to the excess lean muscle mass that you build would be making it much easier for losing the extra fat.

Lean Muscle Mass Is Necessary to Fight Diseases

When you are ill and your body is completely stressed out and weak, it is your immune system that swings into action. On such an occasion, your body’s nutritional needs would be changing. For supporting the immune system and for contributing towards speedy recovery, your body would be needing protein in large quantities. Your diet would not be supplying sufficient proteins for combating diseases. In such situations, where would your body be looking for protein reserves? Obviously, the body would be relying on the lean muscle mass.


Your lean muscle mass is incredibly beneficial. It not only effectively combats obesity; it accelerates the metabolic rate and even acts as the body’s protein reserve for combating various diseases. If you have adequate lean muscle mass, it would be much easier for you to combat infection as there would be enough protein resources for fueling the increased demands of the immune system.

Author Bio: Merissa Collins is a qualified doctor working for an obesity clinic. She is very much involved in blogging and offers wonderful suggestions to her fans and readers. In her recent post, she has talked about using the best steroids on the market provided your doctor or fitness trainer has advised you to do so.