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Cloud computing is known for offering remarkable advantages to businesses allowing organizations to develop their applications, test and produce quicker with lower CAPEX, less maintenance, and enhanced manageability thus, enabling IT sector to quickly adjust the resources for catering to unpredictable and fluctuating business demands. Here are some factors to consider while looking for the best cloud services to cater to your distinctive business needs.

User Interface

UI or User Interface has become a crucial factor in the proper evaluation of cloud computing services. With resources and time becoming scarcer by the day, a brilliant user interface could go a long way in mitigating the really steep learning curve which IT departments encounter when they migrate to a virtualized infrastructure. The need of the hour is a truly customer-friendly UI in effective cloud orchestration.


Cloud security is surely a burning topic of discussion with old-fashioned and conventional ideas dominating the debate or the discussion. These debates do not understand the fact that the physical presence of a server or device on the Internet would no longer be a cause of concern or security threat. You must realize that a server which is located physically in a protected chamber with an office building would simply be as vulnerable as an Internet-connected PC, as far as, attacks by saboteurs and hackers are concerned. Actually, the physical walls, locks, and doors would not anymore be capable of preventing your important information and data from being compromised.

Your data safety could be guaranteed provided the server is safeguarded against Internet-based attacks. In this context, your most effective defense would be a professionally maintained system that boasts of constant or 24×7 monitoring by proficient system administrators, and also the firewalls. Several cloud hosting providers would be offering both assistance and advice to help in effectively designing and maintaining a highly-safe and secure environment. Seek professional guidance from cloud services Philadelphia.

Tech Support /Customer Service

Though many providers have claimed that they would be offering exceptional tech support levels and customer service, in general, cloud computing solutions providers do not have the reputation of providing superlative customer support. Earlier cloud adopters were software developers or highly technical teams who never looked for significant assistance. However, the scenario is not the same today, as IT leaders are looking for prospective cloud solutions providers that are offering free tech support or merely diverse tiers of paid help & assistance. They would even be interested in calling up support and examining their authentication policy. They may even ask a couple of questions as well. Here are some of the pertinent questions the answers to which would help you make the right decision while finding the best cloud services.

  • Is this a call center? Or is it a technically judicious person?

  • Are you looking for personal support and attention or hands-off solution?

  • What support levels would your cloud deployment need?

  • Will you manage your cloud internally? Or are you looking for managed cloud services?

  • The level of customer care and service that is available in every scenario.

Conclusion: Look for References to Make the Right Choice

There is remarkable competition in the world of cloud computing and it is essential for providers to maintain exceptional references to ensure long-term viability. You must necessarily ask your prospective cloud computing providers for authentic references that could precisely highlight the quality of service, service reliability, network performance, and quality of support. You must consider reviewing their website or browse through the case studies, media coverage, and analyst instances.

Author Bio: William Jacobs is a data analyst working for a top-notch big data organization. He has worked in data engineering for over a decade and is conversant with the industry’s latest trends and techniques. He also writes articles and shares referrals to awesome services such as on his blog.