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Check out our complete list of 100+ Guest Blogs!365 Family Friendly Jokes!

Check out our complete list of 100+ Guest Blogs!365 Family Friendly Jokes!

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Guest Author: Jake Laforrest

No doubt in the fact that Valentine’s Day is best celebrated at colleges than any other places in the world. But, is it necessary that you only have to give reminders about your love to your significant other? Not obviously, think of your friends, roommates, teachers, or anyone who shared their care and love towards you to make you a better person. Yes, it is an occasion to be grateful to all of them and show your love and respect towards them.

After all, everyone may be a little bit extra loving on Valentine’s season, which is a great time giving off and receiving a lot of exciting gifts too. Here are some good ideas for college students planning to get hold of some unique Valentine gifts for their dear ones.

1. A good read to a bookie

In fact, college students may not further appreciate more books with what they already need to deal with. However, there is a fine scope if it is something they find interest in to read on and enjoy. Not only romantic love stories, but you can also try out life tips, self-help, or even cookbook which the recipient may find handy.

2. A cute string LED lights

You may have seen those cut tiny flickering lights in various forms. You can try it out by gifting it to a roomie who wants to decorate your hostel room for a memorable Valentine party.

3. Anything, chocolate dipped

Valentine’s Day always had a close connection with chocolates and cookies similar to the custom to send flowers to your valentine. So, you can also think in the same line. Think of a box of heart-shaped chocolate cookies to make their day. Oreos and chocolate may make the right combination.

4. A new purse!

This is a perfect gift with which you may not go wrong ever. There are plenty of verities, and far as you get one to be gifted to your college pal, it is much easier as you know their tastes well. Remember, a bright red purse is not the only choice for Valentine, but think of what the significant other prefer to get.

5. A bracelet with an inspiration quote

Well within the budget of a college guy, this can be an ideal consideration to make. There are plenty of Valentines bracelets out there ready for online stores from which you can choose one which can seize the mind of a teenager.

6. A heart-shaped pendant

Yes, when it comes to gifting you’re only one very special friend, it is more about being Valentine specific with a mind-blowing piece of jewelry, where a pendant will never go unappreciated. You can find chic heart necklaces too on online and offline stores as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

7. A cute, funny Valentine’s Day card

It can be handwritten or custom printed, but special day cards always had an appreciation for gifting items. Sticking to your stringent college-going budget, you can think of a card alone, or you can combine it with another precious gift to make it more exciting to the receiver.

Options are there in plenty if we list out more to make your Valentine’s Day so special. Plan in time and go with your best choices to see the wondering faces of all those dear ones around you this Valentine.